Sunrise hosts slam suggestion to ban popular word: 'Glaring problem'

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Channel Seven’s Sunrise presenters have hit back at the idea of banning the word ‘mate’, which was recommended by an ‘inclusion and diversity’ consultant for NSW public sector employees.

On Monday, Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr quickly brought attention to a problem for the network — the multichannel 7mate which is primarily aimed at a male audience.

Sunrise co-hosts Natalie Barr and Michael Usher on the set of Sunrise. Natalie is in a cream dress, Michael is in a blue suit jacket with a red tie.
The Sunrise hosts discussed banning the word 'mate'. Photo: Seven

“We’ve got a problem here, a glaring problem at Channel Seven,” she announced.

“Because we have, ‘7mate’. Hello, do we have to rename it?” she asked.

The other presenters feigned shock and outrage and were quick to try and think of alternative names.

“Call it 7inclusive? 7pal?” asked co-host Michael Usher.

“7pc?” reporter Monique Wright suggested.

Natalie suggested “7cobber” as an option, but quickly added that name would probably offend somebody nowadays.


The recommendations were given to the NSW Government by an external 'diversity and inclusion' consultant, in response to a report on bullying and harassment.

People have been quick to slam the NSW Government for this controversial stance, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Monique Wright on the set of Sunrise, wearing a blue dress and laughing.
Monique Wright found Natalie Barr's suggestion to rebrand the channel as '7cobber' amusing. Photo: Seven

“F*ck me - just seen on the news they [are] trying to ban the word mate,” one person remarked.

“Why would they try to ban that word? Who could possibly be offended by it?” another asked.

Fans were also concerned about the future of 7mate, with one writing: “Does that mean 7mate is in trouble?”

“What about 7mate? Hey, 7mate are you going to be banned?” a fan added.

Some saw the humour in it: “I’m f**ked then, that’s my default setting for when I can’t remember someone’s name.”

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