Sunrise’s Kochie shares rare family moment: ‘The love is so special’

Sunrise host David ‘Kochie’ Koch has been making the most of the school holidays with lots of family time.

Sharing a gorgeous photo on Instagram on Sunday, the 66-year-old revealed that he was able to see his eight grandchildren together for the very first time now that the Western Australian border is open.

The veteran journalist has four kids with his wife of 43 years, Libby, and they were lucky enough to go from six to eight grandkids earlier this year when babies Catalina and Florence were born just three weeks apart.

david Kochie koch and his wife Libby with their eight grandkids
Kochie shared this photo of him and his wife Libby with their eight grandkids on Sunday, it's the first time all of them have been together. Photo: Instagram/kochie_online

Now all the grandkids have been able to meet the newest additions and Kochie couldn’t be more chuffed.

“Back on deck @sunriseon7 tomorrow after the perfect Easter break,” he said, “All 8 grandkids together for the first time… The WA mob hadn’t been back for 2 years.

“The love between cousins is so special.”


Kochie’s Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr was one of the first to comment, writing, “Great pic Kochmeister! See you at Currumbin tomorrow.”

The Morning Show’s Kylie Gillies echoed the sentiment and said, “Tribe, how special.”

Kochie with his newborn seventh and eighth grandchildren
Kochie's seventh and eighth grandchildren were born just three weeks apart this year. Photo: Instagram/kochie_online

When the Western Australian border first opened, Libby was able to fly over to visit the couple's three grandchildren who live in Perth for the first time since Covid lockdowns came into place.

Now that the school holidays have rolled around, the kids have been able to repay the visit and enjoy some time with their cousins.

Meanwhile, Kochie treated his eldest two grandchildren, 14-year-old Matilda and 12-year-old Oscar, to a special night out earlier this week when he took them to the Midnight Oil concert in Sydney.

Kochie and his wife Libby on their wedding day in 1979
Kochie and his wife Libby met at a party in 1977 and were just 20 and 21 when they decided to get married. Photo: Seven

In a recent interview with Woman's Day, Kochie said he and Libby downsized their house when their youngest daughter moved out of home, but now that they have so many grandkids, they're hoping to add on an extension to accommodate visits.

"We just put plans in to expand with extra rooms for grandkids," he said in December, "We're going the full circle. The lovely thing is, everyone loves coming to stay with us.

"Lib and I often say we couldn't be more thankful that we've got a family and grandkids who love their cousins so much that they want to hang out with them.

"They're best friends. It's the greatest joy in our lives. We never take it for granted."

Libby and Kochie first met at a party in 1977 and got engaged just seven months later when they were 20 and 21 respectively. They celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary in January.

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