Sunrise host David Koch's dig at Prince Andrew after security breaches

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Sunrise host David Koch has taken a not-so-subtle swipe at Prince Andrew after a host of security breaches near the royal's Windsor residence over the past fortnight.

Two intruders were arrested last week after breaking into the Queen's Windsor estate, which includes the Royal Lodge where Prince Andrew resides. Only days earlier another woman, claiming to be the Duke's fiancé also gained access to the grounds, and then the residence before she was detained.

sunrise hosts nat barr and david koch
Nat and Kochie were speaking to a royal expert about the royal security breaches. Photo: Channel 7

David 'Kochie' Koch and fellow Sunrise host Natalie Barr were speaking to royal editor Robert Jobson about the breaches, with the expert calling the situation a "bit of a mess up".

"I mean they [the security] should be much more alert than they are," he told the hosts. 

Conversation then turned to the first breach by a woman who got past security at the gates after claiming she had been invited for lunch with the Duke.

She was eventually detained in the lobby of the residence, having reportedly flown in from from Spain, telling police her name was Irene Windsor and she lived at the residence with her fiancé Andrew. She was later sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

"I'm not quite sure what the security guard was thinking then because he has been divorced some time," Rob said.

That's when Kochie interjected: "Given his track record the security was thinking, 'oooh could be a bit of truth in this'."

Nat remained incredulous that the incident could even happen, trying to move the conversation on by asking Rob: "So she was in a cab or something, and she said that, and they waved her through?"


Rob pointed out his ex-wife, Sarah 'Fergie' Ferguson lives there so "why not his fiancé?", claiming things were "all a bit strange" around Prince Andrew at the moment.

"I would have thought the security would know he is not married and is not getting married."

Kochie couldn't let it go though jumping with another swipe at the end saying: "Maybe he's just used to a few visitors like that".

Nat was clearly a little shocked by the brazen digs, saying: "He might not have a job on Monday".

queen and andrew
Prince Andrew stepped back from public duties in 2019. Photo: Getty
sunrise david koch swipe at prince andrew nat shocked
Kochie took two swipes at Andrew that shocked Nat. Photo: Channel 7

The Duke of York was forced to step down from public duties in November 2019 after being engulfed in the scandal involving convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The saga escalated after Andrew's rambling explanations in a disastrous BBC TV interview that left many viewers incredulous, and his apparent lack of compassion for Epstein's victims drew widespread condemnation.

He has been previously accused by prosecutors in the US of failing to help in their investigation, particularly after the July 2020 arrest of Jeffrey’s former girlfriend, English socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.

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