Natalie Barr replaced in Sunrise studio as she covers NSW floods

She's only been in the job for a week but new Sunrise host Natalie Barr has already been sent away from the studio for a special report on the NSW flood crisis.

On Monday morning, Nat was noticeably absent from the breakfast program, with fellow Channel 7 reporter Monique Wright standing in at the desk.

Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr reporting live from the flood disaster in Western Sydney
Natalie Barr has ditched the Sunrise studio to cover the NSW flood crisis. Photo: Channel 7.

Kochie informed viewers that Nat, who replaced outgoing host Sam Armytage, would be leading Sunrise's live coverage of the extreme weather threatening Western Sydney and the Mid North Coast.

Monique and Kochie promptly threw to Nat on location in Penrith where she spoke with volunteers who were making up some 3,000 sandbags to be distributed among local residents whose homes were at risk of flooding.

Despite making it clear why Nat was out in the field at the top of the program, some fans took to Twitter to wonder if her absence was a 'huge mistake.'

"Why is our Queen out on assignment when Kochie is in studio with a temporary replacement for Nat," one asked.

"Confused? Surely this is a huge mistake. Let our woman keep her throne," they added.


Nat's Sunrise co-host Kochie remained in the studio with Monique Wright. Photo: Channel 7.
Nat's Sunrise co-host Kochie remained in the studio with Monique Wright. Photo: Channel 7.

At least one viewer, however, approved of Nat's temporary replacement and even wanted to see her stick around.

"Monique Wright is the best choice for Sunrise going forward," they tweeted.

Nat was revealed as the show's new co-host on March 15, just a week after Sam Armytage announced her shock resignation after eight years in the role.

In her farewell speech on her last day on Sunrise, Sam took aim at the 'snarkiness' and 'bullying' she faced during her time on the show.

To mark his new colleague's first day, Kochie couldn't resist including a little jab in his on-air welcome speech to Nat, who has been with Channel 7 for almost two decades.

"After 18 years as part of the family – and we were never convinced that she could do this after 18 years," he said, causing Nat to hit back saying: "Hey, excuse me!?"

Photo: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.

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