Lisa Wilkinson slams 'crazy' double standard in coronavirus fight

Lisa Wilkinson pointed out a "crazy" double standard in the fight against the coronavirus on the Sunday Project.

On Sunday, NSW Health confirmed a taxi driver had tested positive for COVID-19 after working nine days while infectious across south-western Sydney.

Lisa Wilkinson on The Sunday Project
Lisa Wilkinson pointed out a "crazy" double standard in the fight against the coronavirus on the Sunday Project. Photo: Ten

However, because taxis don't have to collect customer's details, tracking everyone who rode in the driver's taxi may prove to be a difficult task.

Calling out the double standard, Lisa said it "makes sense" that taxis should be forced to record all passenger details in the same way cafes, bars and restaurants do.

Since they re-opened, hospitality venues have been required to take customer's names and contact details with heavy penalties if they don't.

Sunday Project co-host Peter van Onselen agreed, "It doesn't make sense that they don’t."

"Yeah, you can sit in the cafe for 10 minutes and you‘ve punched in the QR code and given them your number," Lisa said.

She added, "You can sit in a taxi for an hour in even closer proximity and there‘s no accountability, which is crazy."

Lisa Wilkinson and Peter van Onselen on The Project
Lisa's co-hosts on the show, including Peter van Onselen agreed that taxis should be taking customer's details. Photo: Ten

NSW Health's Dr Jeremy McAnuly revealed on Sunday that "early investigations indicate" the infection may have been acquired at Liverpool Hospital.

The driver worked on September 7 to 10 as well as September 14 to 18 in Moorebank, Bankstown, Chipping Norton, Liverpool, Lidcombe, Warwick Farm and Milperra.


While the driver was reportedly wearing a mask at all times and had the COVID-Safe app running, Dr McAnulty is encouraging anyone who may have taken a cab in the suburbs where the driver was to be on high alert.

He said, "People who may have taken taxis in western, south western Sydney must be alert for symptoms."

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has previously said New South Wales' response to the pandemic was the "gold standard" in Australia.

He noted the state's contact tracing abilities, lessened restrictions and open borders is something other states should be aspiring to.

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