Summer Warne reveals Shane Warne's close friendship with Hollywood star

Shane Warne's daughter said Chris Martin still regularly checks in with the family.

Shane Warne's daughter, Summer Warne, was the latest person to be unmasked on The Masked Singer, bringing the judges to tears with her rendition of Coldplay's Yellow.

The song choice was an important one: it was Shane's favourite song and played at his funeral, with the late cricket star sharing a close bond with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

On the show, Summer revealed the special meaning the song held for her and her family.

Summer Warne dedicated her Masked Singer performance to her father Shane Warne. Photo: Ten/
Summer Warne dedicated her Masked Singer performance to her father Shane Warne. Photo: Ten/

“I want to make Dad proud," she said after being unmasked. "Singing Yellow was absolutely amazing - that song was his funeral song. Chris Martin sang it at the state memorial.”

Now the 21-year-old has opened up more on Shane's friendship with Chris on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.


'Like an uncle'

Shane Warne and Chris Martin in LA
Shane Warne and Chris Martin were good mates. Photo:

"Chris is one of the nicest people I've ever met, he's so down to earth, he's just the kindest soul," Summer said of Chris Martin.

"He's literally like an uncle, you can talk to him about anything. Dad spoke to him about so much stuff and he would just listen, and Dad really appreciated that friendship," she shared.

"And every now and then, Chris still checks in on us, and Facetimes Brooke [Warne] and Mum [Simone Callahan] all the time, and he's just a lovely human being."

Summer told Yahoo Lifestyle in an exclusive interview that her sister Brooke texted Chris and sent him the video of her performing Yellow.

"I'm not too sure if he has seen it yet because of the time difference, but I need to make sure he sees it because I think he'd be so happy and so proud I used the song," she said.

Read more of our chat with Summer here.

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