Suddenly 30 child star all grown up in new trailer for Meet Me in Rome: '30, flirty and thriving'

"Jenna Rink, thirty flirty and thriving!"

Suddenly 30 (or 13 Going on 30 if you're from anywhere else in the world!) child star Christa Belle Allen is certainly 30 (well, 32), flirty and thriving in the trailer for her newest project called Meet Me in Rome.

The movie is described as a "reality rom-com" that sees three real women travelling to Rome in search of love. Christa, along with TV host Lauren Simmons and part-time baker and dog mum Dhruva Patel, receive daily script deliveries guiding them to different suitors and beautiful Roman locations in the hopes that all three of them will find their perfect match.

Suddenly 30 (or 13 Going on 30) child star Christa Allen
Suddenly 30 child star Christa Allen is all grown up in the trailer for her newest project called Meet Me in Rome. Photo: Sony Pictures

Meet Me In Rome is a spinoff from Meet Me In Paris, which had the same premise but set in Paris and was released last year.

"My Roman Empire is… the making of this movie," Christa jokingly commented on the trailer on Instagram.


Christa played the younger version of Jennifer Garner in the hit 2004 movie (yes, the movie celebrates its 20th birthday this year), which was perfect casting given the two looked so similar! Christa also starred as a young Jennifer in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past in 2009.

Fans of the film were surprised to see Christa in the trailer for Meet Me In Rome, with one user writing, "Is that the girl from 13 going in 30 😍"

Christa Allen in Meet Me In Rome
Fans were surprised to see Christa in the trailer for Meet Me In Rome. Photo: Roku

"She is 30 already!" another said. "Welcome to the world Jenna Rink!"

"Jenna Rink, thirty flirty and thriving," a third added.

Christa shared a snap to Instagram on Monday while at the Pegasus World Cup, and her fans couldn't help but compare her to her character in Revenge, with one user writing, "It’s definitely giving Charlotte from Revenge."

"Charlotte Grayson at Hamptons 😂," another said.

Christa is active on TikTok and has over 1.8 million followers on the platform and in 2020 she dressed up as the older version of Jenna for Halloween in a video that has been viewed almost 27 million times.

"You look more like Jennifer Garner than Jennifer Garner looks like Jennifer Garner," one follower commented on a video.


"It is REMARKABLE how much you and Jennifer Garner look the same..." Another said.


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