Sia makes surprise Aussie appearance after undergoing huge transformation

The singer returned to her hometown and posed for photos.

Aussie singer Sia made a surprising appearance Down Under in her hometown of Adelaide this week, with the 48-year-old being spotted at Bird in Hand Winery.

The Adelaide Hills winery shared a photo of the singer smiling, wearing a bright pink outfit and head piece, wearing her hair in braids and matching her makeup and nails to her outfit.

Aussie singer Sia at Bird in Hand winery
Aussie singer Sia has made a surprise appearance Down Under after admitting to making a huge change to her appearance. Photo: Instagram/birdinhandwine

Fans loved seeing the singer in Adelaide, with one Instagram user writing, "What a star! I bet she loved it! So great having such an awesome iconic place for the stars to visit in SA!"

"The greatest singer/songwriter to ever grace this Earth. Just wow," another said.


Others said she was "iconic", "gorgeous" and her visit was "epic".

The singer looked very youthful after recently admitting to having a facelift and other cosmetic surgery for her "confidence issues" after gaining weight due to medication.

Sia took to X, formerly known as Twitter, in December to share the honest admission.

Sia at the Daytime Beauty Awards
Sia shared that she got a facelift while presenting an award at the Daytime Beauty Awards. Photo: Getty

"Had to take a medication that made me put on a lot of weight that I just can’t shift with exercise or thyroid meds so I went in for lipo today," she shared. "Please know that I am so lucky to have the resources to change the way I look and that when you see me looking crazy foxy again (🤪) that I want you to know it did not come from diet and exercise."

She continued, "I want to be truthful about all of my procedures so I don’t contribute to the system that tells us we aren’t enough. I am insecure like most people and being in the public eye gives me anxiety, so I’ve made the choice to alter my appearance for my own confidence issues. Pray for me please! 🙏 I love you, keep going!"

Sia also revealed last year that she had undergone a facelift while presenting an award at the Daytime Beauty Awards in Los Angeles to her "good friend" Dr Talei.

Sia in 2012
Sia, pictured here in 2012. Photo: Getty

"I'm a pop star that normally hides my face and doesn't lie about s**t," she told the audience. "I got an amazing facelift from Dr Talei. He is incredible. And he is doing so much good work — and not just for the pop stars of the world."


Sia, who is known for hiding her face more often than not, has been showing her face more in recent months.

She's also previously admitted to dieting "like crazy" to fit the "stereotype" of a pop star.

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