Succession's Nicholas Braun spills behind-the-scenes secret about co-star: 'Scary'

The Succession star shared shared a surprising fact about a co-star.

Succession's Nicholas Braun, who stars on the hit show as Cousin Greg, attended the Sydney premiere of on Monday night, with the actor telling Yahoo Lifestyle a behind-the-scenes secret about the show.

The 34-year-old spoke of Brian Cox, who stars as the 'scary' Logan Roy on the show, revealing he's actually more like a "teddy bear" in real life.

Succession star Nicholas Braun
Succession star Nicholas Braun, AKA Cousin Greg, shared a behind-the-scenes secret with Yahoo Lifestyle about a co-star. Photo: Getty

"That Brian's a nice man," Nicholas told us when asked what might surprise fans about the show. "He's like kind of a teddy bear, I think we all call him a [teddy bear] – he's just like a sweet guy.

"And he can instantly – like his face just drops into Logan and become a stonewall, so it's kind of amazing to watch. You're having a nice lovely little conversation and then everything shifts, and then we're f**king scared!"


Nicholas also shared that he believed Logan would be the character that will shock audiences the most as the show draws to a close this season, with the star teasing, "He's always pulling some stuff, I think he's got the biggest moves probably this year."

Brian recently revealed during a Hollywood Reporter roundtable that fans often have one request when they meet him, with the star sharing, "My thing [since Succession began] is people ask me to tell them to f**k off all the time."

Succession cast
Nicholas also shared that he believed Logan would be the character that would shock audiences the most as the show draws to a close this season. Photo: HBO

He continued, saying it makes him uncomfortable, "Well, it’s not the easiest thing to say to people. I mean, it started when I was playing L.B.J. in one of those theatres in New York. I came out one night and there was this young couple, very sweet, about 17, and they had a video and they said, 'Could you tell us to f**k off, please?' I mean, it’s unbelievable."

Nicholas tells us that while he hasn't had anything quite to that level, he has had an odd fan encounter that left him feeling awkward.

"There was a guy once, who like wouldn't stop touching me, like he was hugging me because I'm like Greg and he was like, 'Come here Greg!' and he kept grabbing me, it's like, 'Dude!'

"He was a big guy too, so it was like another huge guy putting his arms around me, like, one hug's cool, maybe two, but he just kept doing it, so I had to cut him off. Cut off the hugs," he said with a laugh.

New episodes of season four of Succession stream every Monday on BINGE, seasons one to three are all available to watch now.

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