Woman responds to outrage over string bikini at Aussie beach

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A woman has hit out at online trolls who slammed her for choosing a string bikini to wear to the beach.

Jordan Hartley, who hails from Newcastle in NSW, took to her TikTok account on New Year’s Day to upload a short video showing her showering in a teeny tiny floral bikini top and bottoms.

Jordan Hartley in a string bikini
Jordan Hartley wore a tiny string bikini to the beach. Photo: TikTok/littlebabyj3

However, many people blasted the bodybuilder, saying it looks like a ‘piece of string’.

“What are you trying to achieve with this video?” one person wrote, with Jordan responding: “Mostly just to annoy you”.


Backlash over woman wearing a bikini at the beach
She hit back after a follower called it 'disgusting'. Photo: TikTok/littlebabyj3

“What is even the point of putting a piece of string on?” another person asked, with Jordan replying: “What even is the point of you commenting? I hope it made you feel better.”

Others told Jordan she “may as well wear nothing”, with another commenting: “Just one sneeze and it’s gone”.

Many stood up for Jordan, saying: “You look gorgeous, ignore the haters.”

However, after one user commented saying: “Honestly ladies that looks disgusting. Women aren't women anymore, they're trying to be men. Where is the feminist women that respect themselves?”, Jordan decided to hit back.

Jordan Hartley
Jordan hails from Newcastle but lives in Australia. Photo: Instagram/Jordan Hartley
Woman in a bikini at the beach
Jordan hit back at haters on her TikTok account. Photo: TikTok/littlebabyj3

She posted another video to her TikTok showing her showering in the same bikini again, alongside the words: “Here to point out and shout it louder, comments like this are not OK.

“You do not have the right to comment on other women's bodies. Women should stick together, no matter what we look like.”

A few days later, she uploaded another video showing a comment from a followers saying: “Don’t need it. Trying to send you respect but when you have none you can’t get any.”

Jordan replied: “Respect isn’t about how you dress or show your body to the world. You can respect yourself and still be naked”.

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