Strangers' romantic moment in queue to see Queen's coffin

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Two strangers have had an unexpected meet-cute while waiting for hours in a long queue to see the Queen at Westminster Hall.

Speaking to UK's Channel 4, the pair revealed they had since made plans to watch the Queen's funeral together on Monday.

The strangers, known as Jack and Zoe, told the news station they met at 10.30pm on Saturday.

"We've been with each other throughout the whole thing," Jack said.

"We've actually got loads of things in common."

When the reporter asked whether they would stay in touch, Zoe said, "Yeah 100 per cent".

Jack and Zoe speak to Channel 4 about their meeting.
Jack and Zoe kept each other company and made plans to see each other again. Source: Channel 4

Jack added they would be watching the funeral together, with Zoe saying the moment will be full of "mixed emotions".

"We want to be there and share that moment with someone else," she said as Jack added it would be a "sombre" occasion.

Zoe described meeting Jack in the queue as a "blessing in disguise" as she expected to be exhausted, but instead, she met somebody who made the line go "so quickly".


"[We've] just been sharing stories, having laughs and, like, banter."

The pair have also been sharing food while in the queue, with potato chips and croissants on the menu.

Many on Twitter joked the potential love story could be the plot of a new film called The Queue.

"A couple meet at the end of the queue, and, over the ensuing hours, go through an entire relationship cycle: meet, chat, flirt, kiss, fall in love, encounter obstacles, overcome them, ultimately break up," one said.

"This was actually quite wholesome," another commented.

"I love meeting people like this," a third added.

"Especially after two years of being locked up in isolation, it’s so important that we no longer be alone. What a beautiful thing to connect over."

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