Back to school stationery and supplies your child will love

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School stationary
Get the kids ready for going back to school.

It’s back to school season. For many Australians, it’s a bittersweet combo of saying goodbye to long, lazy sunny days while being able to reunite with your friends and get back into some sort of routine.

If you’re not quite ready to give up your midday sleep-ins, we have a surefire way of getting you excited about going back to school: brand new, super cute stationery.

Nothing is more satisfying than using fresh pens, organising assignments in crip folders, or writing that first word in a brand new notebook.

We’ve rounded up our top picks of the best back to school stationery.

Typo Student Planner 2022, $14.99

2022 Student Planner from Typo

Nothing feels better than cracking open a fresh planner.

2020 and 2021 were disjointed years of lockdowns, various COVID restrictions and disruptions to your everyday life.

In 2022, make it your goal to get organised and be your most productive self.


The first step is getting your school years sorted with this funky Student Planner.

This Typo diary comes in 8 different designs and has a 12-month planner with a removable ruler, class schedules, exam schedules, grade trackers, weekly to-do lists and more!

The Daily Edited Black Pebbled 13 Inch Laptop Case, $160

Black Pebbled 13 Inch Laptop Case from The Daily Edited

If you take your laptop to school every day, you want to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged in your school bag, shoved in alongside your lunch and stationery and class notes.

The Daily Edited has released an incredibly safe case that doesn’t skimp on style, either.

Made from 100% real leather with gold hardware, this case is chic enough to be carried on its own or securely stashed in your bag.

As with most TDE products, you can customise this case and add your initials.

Bright Ideas: 8 Metallic Double-Ended Colored Brush Pens, $30.75

Bright Ideas: 8 Metallic Double-Ended Colored Brush Pens from Booktopia

Make your studying glow with these eight metallic pens.

The colours include gold, silver, bronze, pink, purple and blue.

One one side, a delicate brush-head style of the pen allows you to mimic the style of watercolour paints.

The other side is a fine-tipped marker for delicate, precise lines.

Packed in a handy travel case, you’ll never have to be apart from your new favourite pens.

Herschel Settlement Pencil Case, $45

Herschel Settlement pencil case from The Iconic

Instantly recognisable for its signature white logo, this Herschel pencil case is stylish and durable.

The side handle makes it convenient to carry between classes, and its slimline design means you can maximise space in your school bag.

Papier Checkmate Notebook, $42.29

Checkmate Notebook from Papier

Taking down notes is somehow so much easier to do when your notebook is a funky little dream.

Papier has a massive range of personalised, stylish stationery, but we’re partial to their line of notebooks.

This pink and red checked design comes in your choice of lined paper, blank paper or dotted paper (for bullet journaling).

It’s A5 in size, and you can add your name on the front.

Jansport Recycled SuperBreak Backpack, $71.97

JanSport Recycled SuperBreak Backpack from The Iconic

Walk into any school and be prepared to see a swarm of JanSport backpacks.

For a good reason, too - they’re experts in the school bag game and constantly release innovative bag designs with pockets and compartments for every school item you could possibly need.

This particular bag is made from 100% recycled polyester, so you can feel just as good as you look.

Typo Fluffy Pen, $7.99

Peach fluffy pen from Typo

Just because!

It's very reminiscent of Clueless, and who doesn't want Cher vibes for their first day back at school?

This funky black ballpoint pen comes in four colours.

Bento Lunch Box, $19.95

Bento Lunchbox from Bright Star Kids

If you’ve been on the internet in the last six months, you’ve likely come across a video of a school lunch being packed into a bento box.

“Let’s make some lunch for my kids” - you know the TikTok!

The different compartments make it ideal for separating your lunch into a main meal, fruit, treats and snacks.

The lunch box is perfect for all ages and personalisable - get a plain design for teens and a fun, colourful style for little ones.

KG Electronics F5 Mini Set w/Stapler/Staples/Staple Remover/Punch Hole, $35

Purpke F5 Home/Office Mini Set w/Stapler/Staples/Staple Remover/Punch Hole set from Myer

Sure, it’s not necessary to have super cute and matching stationery sets - but why not?

This stapler, stapler remover and punch hole trio is available in purple or blue and is the perfect addition to anyone who loves to make their assignments just that little bit ‘extra’.

Cute things make homework fun, ok?

Dukson Cat Sticky Note, $7.39

Dukson Cat Post-Its from Yes Style

Ok, these are unreal levels of adorable.

Mark down important passages of a textbook, or colour coordinate your notes with these cat sticky notes.

All five kitties are loveable, but we’re partial to the ginger tom with both paws up.

At under $10, they’re an absolute steal!

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