Influencer stopped at Sydney Casino over 'inappropriate' outfit

An Aussie influencer has claimed she was denied entry to a Sydney casino because her outfit was deemed 'inappropriate', having to alter it before being allowed in.

OnlyFans model Mikaela Testa took to TikTok to share one of her daily vlogs in which she showed off the new outfit and shared how she was stopped by security at the door.

Mikaela Testa new outfit tiktok
Mikaela showed off the new outfit in her daily vlog. Photo: TikTok/Mikaela Testa

"We went to the casino to play some roulette and I got stopped at the entry saying that my outfit's inappropriate so I had to tie my f***ing skirt up with a hair tie," she explained in the clip.

"It looked so rat s*** but whatever."


Mikaela and her friends then flashed handfuls of hundred dollar bills in the video, as she revealed they had lost their money and then managed to win $700.

But she stressed: "I don't promote gambling, please don't do it, it's bad."

Mikaela Testa outfit in casino change
Mikaela had to alter her skirt with a hair tie before being allowed in. Photo: TikTok/Mikaela Testa

Earlier this year Mikaela claimed she was "stared at in disgust" because of the outfit she wore during a visit to a local Woolworths supermarket recently.

She shared a video on TikTok in August detailing the outfit, a denim mini skirt, with a crop top, pink cardigan and clear perspex heels, which she wore for her trip to a Woolies on the Gold Coast.

She claimed she was "stared at by every single grandma in disgust", adding the situation had given her 'anxiety'.

The influencer, who also has over 1M followers on Instagram and regularly shares photos and videos of her risqué outfits, added in the clip: "God knew he made me too hot."

The Aussie influencer first made headlines when a clip of her breaking down in tears when Instagram first removed ‘likes' went viral.

She's since also caused a stir with a host of very revealing outfits, like this extreme underboob dress she wore during an outing in 2020.

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