Star breaks down over 'disgusting' bikini furore: 'I'm a good mother'

Actress and model Coco Austin has broken down in tears as she spoke about the trolling she has copped over her parenting.

The star, who is married to rapper Ice-T, has opened up in an interview after sparking furore earlier this year when she was snapped wearing a skimpy bikini while supervising her child at a swimming pool.

In May, the model was seen kneeling alongside her daughter in the G-string bikini, with other children pictured in the background.

Many fans were in awe of Coco's physique, telling the mum she looked "gorgeous", while others said her choice of swimwear was "inappropriate".

"It's disgusting that's what you think is acceptable to wear around children," one said.

"A bit much around the kids now Coco," somebody else claimed.

"Girl put some clothes on when your child is around [shaking my head]," a third commented.

Coco Austin wears a skimpy bikini while supervising her child at a pool.
Coco Austin sparked debate with her skimpy bikini. Source: Instagram/Coco Austin

That same month Coco was slammed after she was seen pushing her six-year-old daughter in a pram, with many critics saying the child was too old.

In September, the mum again sparked outrage after she revealed she sometimes bathed her six-year-old daughter in the kitchen sink.

In a sneak-peek clip of Coco's recent interview with E! News, the star is seen breaking down as she addresses the trolling she has copped over her parenting choices.


"I'm underneath a microscope all the time and you don't hear what good you do," she told Tamron Hall as she broke down in tears.

"You don't hear the goodness, you just hear a lot of bad.

"And I know I'm a good mother."

Coco added she had dedicated her life to her daughter for the past six years, putting everything on hold, including her career.

"You just want a little love and a little respect from people," she said before she started to softly sob.

Showing unwavering support for his wife, Ice-T also sent in a video praising her to E! News that was played in the clip.

Coco Austin wipes tears from her eyes during an interview with E! News.
Coco Austin broke down as she spoke about copping criticism over her parenting. Source: Youtube/E! News

“This is a shout-out going to my wife, Coco," he said in a video pre-recorded from the set of Law & Order: SVU.

“You are the most incredible person I’ve ever met, the nicest person I’ve ever met and the best mother to Chanel that anyone could possibly imagine.”

Some fans left comments of support on the clip posted to YouTube.

"You deserve all the happiness," one wrote.

"You are a great mum and wife," another said.

"Don’t listen to the lame internet troll judges."

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