Spoilers: Home and Away cast tease ‘shocking’ mid-season finale

Last week on Home and Away, Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) joined the new band Lyrik, Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) broke Bella Nixon’s (Courtney Miller) heart, and Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) left Summer Bay.

This week, the cast tease a 'shocking' mid-season finale, there’s a romantic proposal on the horizon and Theo plays his first gig with Lyrik.

L: Three bikies ride motorcycles down a street. R: Home and Away's Tane is looking tense, in a green t-shirt
Home and Away viewers are in for an exciting week, with the bikie gang drama ramping up. Photo: Seven

‘Shocking’ mid-season finale

Jacqui Purvis recently opened up to Yahoo Lifestyle about the exciting mid-season finale on Thursday 28 July, and also teased that the return episode on Monday 8 August is a must-watch.

When asked to describe the mid-season finale in three words, she kept it simple: “Don’t miss it!”

“[It's] absolutely [shocking], but shocked in a good way. It leaves you hanging and you want more. It's really different, it's fun, it's interesting. It's action-packed” Jacqui reveals.

From the trailer, it looks like the tension between Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) and Tex Wheeler's (Lucas Linehan) bikie gang is about to reach a boiling point.

Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier) is furious that Tex has deceived her, and the mid-season promo shows the cop is out for blood.


"I wanna wipe that smug look right off Tex’s face. He’s dangerous, I’m talking kidnapping, firearms, attempted murder. And that’s just what we know of," Rose spits out.

Teaming up with Tane to take Tex down, the cop hints at something sinister to come.

"I can't guarantee your safety," she tells Tane, as the pair prepare for a messy confrontation. "Whatever it takes," he replies.

L: Cash looking out the window forlorn, in a suit and tie. R: A close up of an engagement ring in a box
Cash has planned an elaborate proposal for his girlfriend Jasmine. Photo: Seven

Has something bad happened to Jasmine?

Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) has had a lot on his plate recently, after spending a drunken night with his girlfriend’s sister Rose.

To make things worse, Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) had to leave town abruptly, before the cop could come clean.

Now that Jasmine is due to arrive back, he starts to think seriously about their future and begins to plan an elaborate proposal.

Nicholas tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the one stable thing in Cash’s life is Jasmine, saying: “Cash knows it’s time. I think he’s making a really big move here.

“He’s desperate to be back with Jasmine and he knows he needs to show that her home is in Summer Bay,” he continues.


Fans know that Sam Frost has officially departed the soap after Seven confirmed it in a statement earlier this year. It will come as no surprise that Jasmine doesn’t come back to Summer Bay, and instead leaves Cash heartbroken and desolate.

“When Jasmine doesn’t show up, Cash immediately thinks the worst. He knows Jasmine wouldn’t ignore him, so something must be wrong. And when he can’t get hold of her in-laws he panics,” Nicholas explains.

The band Lyrik play a gig at Salt on Home and Away
There may be some bumps in the road for Theo and the band. Photo: Seven

Theo makes his debut with Lyrik

Matt Evans who plays Theo on the show, has been open about how music was his ‘first love’. After competing on The Voice, he managed to land his Home and Away role, and now he can combine his two passions.

“I’m really happy because I’m getting to do both, I’m getting to act and do some singing on the show, so that’s great,” he tells us.

This week, Theo performs with Lyrik for the first time but has to find a way to show the band that he's ready to put them first.

When Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson) tells Theo that "following your dreams takes sacrifice", viewers will be left to wonder how far the singer is willing to go to make them a reality.

Does he need to let down Justin Morgan (James Stewart) and walk away from his job at the garage?

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