Spoilers: Home and Away's Bella makes surprise return

Courtney Miller is rumoured to be reprising her role as Bella Nixon.

Home and Away fans have been eagerly awaiting Bella Nixon’s return to Summer Bay, after snaps of actress Courtney Miller at Palm Beach surfaced in October last year. Seven’s episode guides hint that she has returned for her ex-boyfriend Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo).

Nikau dumped Bella while she was away in New York, to try and protect her from the bikie gang hell-bent on revenge against the Parata family. Bella and Nikau are a firm fan favourite couple, so many are hoping the spark reignites again.

L: Home and Away stars Sophie Dillman and Courtney Miller. R: Bella and Nikau on Home and Away kissing
Home and Away star Courtney Miller is rumoured to be returning soon. Photo: Instagram/courtney_ally & Seven

It’s likely that Bella will only make a short return as a guest character, as Courtney previously told Yahoo Lifestyle she wouldn’t return to Home and Away for a longer contract.

However, the star has been busy honing her acting skills at the 16th Street Actors Studio in Melbourne, and she said Summer Bay would be the perfect place to test out her new techniques.

“I would [come back]. I wouldn’t do a long stint, but just to see everyone, especially having finished a bit of drama school,” she told us.

“I want to work again to see what I’ve learned, what I’ve taken on and how I’ve grown as an actor. You’re constantly [filming] scene after scene, working with different people — and I would feel so safe there. To be able to walk on set and go, this place is familiar.”


Fans have floated the theory that Bella will come back for Nikau and take him to New York, with rumours around Kawakawa's exit circling last year.

"I knew this would happen that's why he leaves the show," one person wrote.

"I will be sorry to see Bella and Nikau leaving but I like the happy ending," another added.

"At long last the writers have given us a happy ending. It's been a long time coming!" a third chimed in.

L: Tane looks worried. R: Felicity clutches a bottle of alcohol on Home and Away
Felicity is on a path of self-destruction. Photo: Seven

Felicity breaks Tane’s heart

Another major storyline that viewers aren’t looking forward to is seeing Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) spiral out of control. The Summer Bay local is struggling to cope after nearly dying in a burning car crash on what should have been her wedding day.


Since she has returned to normal life, the restaurant owner has turned to alcohol to numb her pain. Her loved ones are worried about her, with her ex-fiancé Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) trying to guide her to the right path.

Viewers were shocked when she returned her engagement ring and moved into the caravan park, devastating Tane and causing him to leave Summer Bay.

Will Felicity be able to clean up her act and convince Tane to give her a second chance?

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