'Mind blown!': Mum wows with secret saucepan hack

Penny Burfitt
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We have all had those face-palm moments when a seemingly-random design quirk is revealed to have a specific, and often ingenious function we never even thought of.

Think of the moment you discovered the coke tab is actually designed to hold your straw, and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Well, it seems one such frustratingly simple hack has been hiding under our noses, and on our stovetops for years, and it’s only just come to our attention.

Hack shows spatula held in saucepan handle hole
Aussie mum Natalie Linthorne unleashed the simple hack online. Photo: Supplied

It turns out, the hole at the end of your frypan or saucepan’s handle is for more than just hanging your cookware from a hook, it can also be used to hold your cooking utensil while you simmer.

The clever realisation was struck upon by Western Australian mum Natalie who, in the midst of dinner preparation, realised her spatula could be perfectly balanced in the hole, instead of messily laid on a plate or balanced against the pot.

Taking to Facebook with the clever discovery, Natalie shared a snap of her spatula comically but effectively sitting in the handle.

“One of my fav little hacks that I thought I would share,” she wrote alongside the image. “That opening at the end of the handle is actually designed to hold your cooking spoons. This one is a little big but it's a life-saver and saves my bench.”

‘Mind blown!’: Mum’s lose it over hack

The snap quickly attracted attention with hundreds liking the photo, and others taking to the comments with praise and reservations.

Many loved the hack, praising the perceptive mum for spotting it.

“How am I just learning this now,” one mum wondered.

“Omg I didn’t know this,” another shared.

“Mind blown!” was one lady’s takeaway.

“Thanks for sharing,” another wrote.

Others spotted a potential issue with the hack, wondering if drippage might become a problem given the vertical nature of the hack.

“That will most likely make drops on your benchtop,” one pointed out.

“Tried, tested and failed,” another reported. “Hated the drips on my bench/stove and running down the handle.”

We give the spatula hack (the spat hack) a go

Spatula Hack in red pan on stove cooking onion
An attempt at the hack revealed it is a success for some dishes. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

So in the interests of balanced and accurate reporting, Yahoo Lifestyle decided to take the Spat Hack out for a spin, and here is what we discovered.

If, hypothetically, you are only able/willing to cook spaghetti bolognese, this is the hack for you.

While cooking onion and mince, the spatula is perfectly fine sitting in the handle. A bonus we discovered is the utensil cannot be misplaced because it is literally right in your face at all times. Absent-minded chefs rejoice!

When it comes to the saucy section, the best part, a quick tap on the pan will ensure your spatula remains drip-free in its new home and, of course, near to hand should a quick stir become necessary.

We would venture to suggest that if you were tackling a soup or stew situation, the hack may not be as appropriate, but we leave that up to each cook’s discretion.

It’s not the first time a household item has been revealed to have a secret, hidden function.

Earlier this month a thrifty mum saved time and money when she used a toilet cleaner as a hands-free shower cleaner with startling, and sparkling, results.

Similarly, your 40 cent dishwashing tablets are leading a double life. The innocuous cubes can moonlight as incredible glass cleaners, as one mum proved when she shared astonishing transformation snaps online.

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