Sophie Monk gets emotional as she opens up about real reason behind Bardot's split

Sophie has denied rumours she was behind the '00s girl band's split.

Sophie Monk in a red low-cut dress
Sophie Monk has opened up about splitting up with Bardot. Photo: Getty

Sophie Monk has broken her silence on the real reason she left '00s girl band Bardot, not long after she was accused by a former bandmate of breaking the band up.

The band, made up of Sophie Monk, Belinda Chapple, Tiffani Wood, Katie Underwood, and Sally Polihrona who formed on reality show Popstars, released two albums before disbanding in 2002.

While at the time it was stated that it was a 'mutual' decision, rumours long swirled that Sophie Monk's solo career was the real reason behind the split.

Recently, Belinda Chapple released a new tell-all book titled The Girl in the Band about her experience in Bardot and dropped some juicy unknown details along the way, including that management pulled the plug on the band, shocking the other members while it seemed like Sophie had already signed a solo contract.

'00s girl group Bardot album cover
'00s girl group Bardot disbanded in 2002.

In the book, Belinda suggests that management had plans for Sophie's solo career and had already sourced demo solo songs for Sophie, who has also posed for solo photo shoots all before the other bandmates allegedly knew things were coming to an end.


Sophie speaks out about Bardot's split

In an interview with Sophie admitted to not reading the book by Belinda stating: "No offence, no but I don't read books, I have ADD".

Sophie said the Bardot questions came up every few years, and she was happy to address it, saying she wanted to leave the band when Katie did but ultimately agreed to stay on for one more album.

"I did not know they were going to ask me for a solo album at all, I finished and I was looking for a job, but for me it was, I felt like we achieved enough, I wanted out when Katie did," she said in the interview.

Sophie then got emotional as she opened up about the Bardot experience, saying she was only a teenager when things first took off for Bardot.

“I’m sure all of us have different perspectives and experiences and saw different things,” she said.“I do have respect for all the girls and I hope they do really good. Genuinely, I really mean that.”


'00s girl group Bardot
During the height of their fame, Bardot were allegedly paid $35 a day. Photo: Getty (Getty Images)

'We convinced Sophie to stay'

Former Bardot member Sally Polihrona told Yahoo Lifestyle earlier this year that after Katie Underwood left the band a year after their debut single Poison was released, they took time to consider whether or not they should continue and release their second album.

"After Katie left, we all had a moment to think about whether we were to continue as a band. Sophie wasn’t that keen but we convinced her to stay. She said she’d give it another year, which she honoured. We both knew for a while that it wasn’t the environment we wanted to stay in," Sally said.

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