Bardot: Where are Sophie Monk, Katie Underwood, Sally Polihronas and Belinda Chapple now?

They were the Australian girl band of the early naughties: Katie Underwood, Sally Polihronas, Sophie Monk, Tiffani Wood and Belinda Chapple were selected from 2500 hopefuls on reality show Popstars to form the band Bardot.

They were an instant success with their debut single Poison rocketing to number one in the charts.

But nothing prepared them for life in the spotlight.

Australian female girl band Bardot, circa 2000- Katie Underwood, Sally Polihronas, Sophie Monk, Tiffani Wood and Belinda Chapple.
Australian female girl band Bardot, circa 2000 - Katie Underwood, Sally Polihronas, Sophie Monk, Tiffani Wood and Belinda Chapple. Photo: Getty Images

They barely made a year as a five-piece girl group before one pulled the plug.

Katie left the band to star in the musical Hair.

Shock split in the wings

The others continued for another year, but in April 2002 released a statement revealing they were going their separate ways.

"Bardot confirm their mutual decision to end the group's career, the statement read.


"Belinda Chapple, Sophie Monk, Sally Polihronas and Tiffany Wood have cited the need for a well-earned break following what has been a phenomenal 2.5-year explosion on the Australian music scene.

"The pace at which the group's career continued from its inception at the first Australian Popstars TV show auditions, to the completion of a 3rd single from their second album Play It Like That, has taken its toll."

Members of the pop band Bardot, from left Sally, Belinda, Sophie, Katie and Tiffani.
Sally, Belinda, Sophie, Katie and Tiffani of the pop band Bardot. Photo Getty Images

But Belinda revealed it was a shock to Tiffani and her.

"We hadn't even finished promoting our second album," Belinda told last year.

"We had a whole year booked of really amazing gigs and performances. We were just about to head off to South Africa – the show had just aired over there and gone really well.

"We were booked for the second Rumba Festival. And then it all just suddenly … ceased."

Over the years the girls have dabbled in music and their friendships have been off and on, but just what are the original members of Bardot up to now?

Sophie Monk

Sophie is probably the most successful of the former members of the band.

She was the first to win solo success and has had a diverse career in movies and television.

After her solo singing career, she added "actress" to her repertoire with roles in Hollywood movies such as Date Night, Click and Spring Breakdown.

Sophie Monk attends the 2020 ARIA Awards at The Star on November 25, 2020 in Sydney, Australia.
Sophie Monk is a now well-recognised TV presenter in Australia. Photo: Getty Images

Sophie then became the first celebrity Bachelorette in Australia, before establishing herself as a reality TV show presenter, hosting both Beauty And The Geek and Love Island Australia this year.

While her appearance as The Bachelorette didn't result in a long-term relationship, she is now loved-up with her fiancé, medical robotics scientist Joshua Gross.

Sophie Monk poses at home in various shots with fiancé Joshua Gross.
Sophie Monk is now engaged to fiancé Joshua Gross. Photo: Instagram/@joshuargross

"We have so much in common. I knew as soon as I met him that he was a good one," Sophie told Who magazine.

"He’s just so intelligent and he has a great sense of humour.

"He’s also not fazed by what I do for work and all the attention that comes with it."

Belinda Chapple

After Bardot split up, Belinda went on to release two solo singles before focussing on working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

She then moved to London where she studied Interior Design studies at the National Design Academy and worked as a model.

She operated her interior design company out of London and Marbella before returning to Sydney this year from Singapore.

However in a surprise for Bardot fans, she and former bandmate Katie Underwood revealed in September they were producing music together again under the band name Ka' Bel.

Former Bardot singer Belinda Chapple pictured in St Tropez, at Studio 10, and the cover of her new single with Katie Underwood
Former Bardot singer Belinda Chapple went on to become a model and interior designer. Photo: Instagram/@belindachapple

"We are so excited to share with you that after all these years we have recently been back in the studio recording a brand new tune, Broken Hearted," the pair announced on their Instagram page.

"Broken Hearted celebrates all that’s happened in the last two decades: learning, surviving, living and loving!"

Katie Underwood

After being the first to leave Bardot for a musical theatre career, Katie continued to have success as a solo dance music artist.

In 2011 she turned her focus to being a mum to her twin daughters Charlotte and Zoe.

As the girls have grown, Melburnian Katie has turned to new age therapies as a fulfilling career.

"Bardot seems a lifetime away," Katie told the Herald Sun.

"As I’ve grown older, I’m not so interested in proving what I can do.

"I’m more interested in assisting other people to see what they can do."

She trained in remedial massage and meditation before using her love of music to offer sound healing to her clients.

Katie Underwood flanked by her twin daughters. Top right, with funky red hair; Bottom right, in her studio with drums and windchimes.a break having her twin daughters and working as a meditation teacher and masseuse. Photo: Instagram/@katieunderwoodhealing
Katie Underwood gave music a break to rear her twin daughters and work as a meditation teacher and masseuse. Photo: Instagram/@katieunderwoodhealing

New life a good move

"It’s completely rewarding," Katie says.

"I just accepted that my other musical life was over and after two or three years of world spins, I found myself doing something else with my musical talents."

However, she is giving the industry another shot as one half of Ka' Bel with Belinda Chapple.

"We’re both in the same situation where we have nothing to lose," Katie told Audio Femme.

"This project is not suddenly going to become a full-time project for us, but it’s a wonderful side project to have."

Sally Polihronas

Sally was the only member of Bardot who was ready to put music behind her when the band split in 2002.

She has been happily married to husband Adrian for seven years and they have two daughters, Chloe and Sophia.

Sally now celebrates her time with the band privately, as her friend and former bandmate Tiffani revealed during their 20 year anniversary last year.

Sally has left public life behind her to enjoy her family. Photo: Instagram/@sallypolihronas
Sally has left public life behind her to enjoy her family. Photo: Instagram/@sallypolihronas

"Sally is one of my good friends and she just didn’t want to join in," Tiffani told 7News.

"From my personal view, from Sally’s point of view, she just didn't have the kind of vibe to join in with the reunion celebrations. She kind of celebrated in her own way."

Tiffani Wood

Tiffani was blindsided when Bardot finished in 2002 but she did go on to have relative success as a solo artist.

She is now a mum of six – daughter Lillian, 14, with former husband Neil Cummins, as well as Harley, 7, Beau, 6, Ryder, 5, Brooklyn, 3, and Evie, 2, with partner Luke McCoy.

She has since launched a stage school for kids in Burleigh Heads, Queensland.

 Tiffani Wood and Matt Dillion arrive for the official launch of Peroni Leggera at the Ivy Poolclub on February 25, 2009 in Sydney, Australia.
Tiffani Wood has deleted her social media accounts but here she is in 2009 arriving at an event in Sydney with Matt Dillion. Photo: Getty Images

"I'm so excited to bring my Popstar Kidz workshop dream to life," she writes on her website.

"To see amazing up and coming talent and watching it develop into fully-fledged Popstarz in just four days is inspiring."

She also revealed she likes staying close to home these days.

"You can travel and meet all these people and have a wonderful, exciting life, but there is absolutely nothing like the warmth of coming home," she told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

"After being in Bardot I’m a real homebody."

'What was all this for?'

"I wish I would have had a back-up plan," Tiffani said.

"I went straight out of school and straight into Bardot and then doing cover songs, so when Bardot finished, I'd just bought this place [her recently sold Carrara townhouse] and I remember sitting on the floor; a single mum with all my awards around me, and thinking, ‘what was all this for?’."

She and her family hope to find a rural property: "Anywhere with room for six kids to run around."

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