Sonia Kruger opens up about Big Brother's emergency move during coronavirus crisis

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Big Brother broke all the rules in response to a coronavirus scare that rocked the house during filming Sonia Kruger revealed this morning, and we’re about to witness the results.

The housemates are normally completely cut off from any contact the world during filming as part of the competition-meets-social-experiment, but the host says a major and unprecedented exception was made once the coronavirus pandemic came knocking.

Sonia Kruger announces Big Brother COVID-19 contact scare in promo
Sonia shocked the nation when she announced the coronavirus lockdown in a promo. Photo: Seven

A promo for the program made waves among fans earlier this week after it was revealed a crew member had come into contact with a confirmed case of the virus upending the game in a way never seen before.

Housemates were left flabbergasted at the news the virus had reached their isolated set, and the show was temporarily suspended with cameras left unmanned and the contestants abandoned to their own devices.

Big Brother’s major rule broken

Now Sonia Kruger has confirmed the decision had been made to break the ‘no contact’ rule that usually keeps housemates isolated during filming, with contestants allowed to contact family or friends following the news.

The calls will be their only direct contact with the outside world in months of filming.

Sonia Kruger discusses Big Brother lockdown coronavirus scare on Sunrise
Sonia revealed a major rule was broken after the global pandemic reached the Big Brother house. Photo: Seven

“What you’ll see in this episode is we let them speak to their loved ones on the outside, and it’s really like watching a moment in time because these people had no real exposure to what was going on,” she told Sam and Kochie on Sunrise.

“Most of them were quite happy because they knew they were in a very safe place, but they were concerned about their families.”

She said Sunday’s episode is set to air some of the show’s most fascinating viewing to date, with the housemates forced to react in minutes to a developing situation most of us had months to observe and digest.

“We’ve all been in that news cycle and seen it being covered non-stop 24/7, but they haven’t seen any of that, so for them to have those conversations with their loved ones on the outside is really compelling to see,” the host promised.

Coronavirus case shocks housemates and nation

Big Brother Housemates shocked at coronavirus lockdown announcement
The housemates were left flabbergasted at the news. Photo: Seven

A promo clip released earlier this week shocked the nation when it revealed that a single contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus temporarily suspended the game during shooting, and the house was placed in full lockdown.

The cast members, cut off from virtually all news and outside communication during their stint on the program, were horrified at the announcement made in the diary room by the all-knowing Big Brother voice.

Big Brother has been made aware that a crew member has come into contact with a confirmed coronavirus case,” the voice announced. “The Big Brother house will be placed in lockdown, and the game will be suspended.”

The scary news prompted a visceral reaction from housemates, including Keiren, Marissa and Chad, who each audibly gasped at the shocking announcement.

It comes after the cast was informed of the existence of the global pandemic in Mid-March, just 28 days into filming. The initial revelation was kept off-camera.

This time, with the fixed cameras left running, though not moving, the housemates’ ongoing reactions will be visible to the whole nation, as they are left completely to their own devices, with crew members seemingly kept away from the set.

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