The heartbreaking moment Big Brother fans didn't see

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Following his eviction from the Big Brother house Shane Vincent has revealed the emotional moments between himself and his housemates that viewers never saw.

Speaking with New Idea, Shane said that during the show he opened up to housemate Chad Hurst about the death of his mother.

Following his eviction from the Big Brother house, Shane Vincent has revealed the heartbreaking moments viewers never saw. Photo: Seven

The 39-year-old revealed, "The death of my mother was a massive challenge to me, she died quite young of bowel cancer.

"Chad had the loss of his father as well, we both connected on that level of losing parents quite young."

He added that the death of his mother took a huge toll on his "mental health".

"It was over a decade ago now, but we were close. I was a bit of a mummy’s boy."

Shane revealed that he and Chad, whose beds were positioned next to each other, would often stay up late chatting from their beds.

"You have to be vulnerable and let someone in at some stage. It’s hard during Big Brother when you have to sit back and forget about the cameras, but you have to trust someone in there. It ended up being Chad for me," he said.

"He’s got a big heart, he’s a very attractive man [laughs], he’s a legend of a bloke."

Chad took to Instagram to share his sadness about Shane's eviction, writing, "Heartbreaking eviction seeing @shanevincentcelebrant leaving the house tonight always great energy and big smiles when this guy's around #gutted."

Since coming back home to his family, Shane said he's been watching the show with his children, who "get a kick out of seeing dad on telly".

"When I go pick them up from school all the kids run out and go, ‘I can't believe you were in a cage or you were out in the rain for so long!’ It’s kind of cool."

Speaking with Perth Now, Shane also revealed the huge shock he revealed after being evicted, "First thing I did was I cried because I was out of the house and wasn’t going to win any money, then I went back to the hotel room and called my wife ... and found out about COVID-19, no toilet paper, no food, no nothing."

"It was out of control. The kids were getting ripped out of school. I thought she was joking, It felt like the world was going crazy and there was some sort of apocalypse going on, quite strange."

He also joked that he was happy to be home, where he didn't have to live off rations, "My house is a lot more comfy, I at least had access to beer and food," he said, adding, "I lost about six kilos in the house and put back on about eight in a week."

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