Brilliant face cleaning beauty hack goes viral: 'A game-changer'

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TikTok has a genius way to stop getting your arms wet while washing your face. Photo: Getty
TikTok has a genius way to stop getting your arms wet while washing your face. Photo: Getty

A decidedly annoying thing that comes with cleansing your face over the bathroom sink is the water that drips down your arms and finishes in a puddle all over your benchtop - or worse still, leaves you with uncomfortably soggy sleeves.

Well, TikTok has found a genius solution to this everyday problem and it’s so simple you’ll be surprised you’ve never thought of it yourself.

All you have to do to keep your arms dry without compromising on your scrub, is to wear thick scrunchies around your wrists. They act as a barrier and absorb the dribbling water, stopping it from wreaking havoc on your clothes or your benchtop.


Microfibre scrunchies
Microfibre scrunchies like these ones from Kitsch, stop water from dripping down your elbows. Photo: The Iconic

Just leave them out to dry when you’re done and voila - a super easy hack to keep those elbows dry!

As you can imagine, many of the comments have been along the lines of, “This is genius”, “Game changer”, “What a clever idea,” and “This is a life-changing solution!! I go crazy when my sleeves get wet”.

Lots of people on TikTok are just using fluffy scrunchies they already have at home or even sweatbands, but a number of brands sell specific skincare scrunchies that are designed to be worn on your wrists for this exact purpose.

They’re made of a microfibre material so they’re super water absorbent and dry nice and quickly, and of course, they also double as hair bands.

Kitsch does a two pack of leopard-print towel scrunchies for $29 on ASOS that are also great at minimising frizz and breakage when used on your wet hair, and Vela Days has a twin pack of white microfibre bands for $20.

Meanwhile for something a little more colourful, Senso does a three pack of pure cotton terry towelling scrunchies in loads of fun shades for $39 on The Iconic.

 terry towelling scrunchies from Senso
These bright terry towelling scrunchies from Senso are very summery. Photo: The Iconic

Just avoid scrunchies made from a material that doesn’t like getting wet or takes forever to dry, and of course, if it’s become really loose from lots of love and wear, it won’t be fit for purpose anymore.

Fun scrunchies to brighten up your summer

Scrunchies have made such a comeback in recent years, with the retro hair bands being gentler on your hair and scalp and great for preventing kinks.

They’re also a fun accessory that makes a statement of your updo.

Here we’ve gathered up a few fun options to add to your collection this summer.

Miss Shop tie scrunchies twin pack: $14.96

Miss Shop tie scrunchies
Miss Shop tie scrunchies twin pack. Photo: Miss Shop

Rubi super scrunchie: $6.99

Rubi super scrunchie
Pink super scrunchie. Photo: Rubi

Shhh Silk oversized silk scrunchie: $30

Shhh Silk oversized silk scrunchie
Blue oversized silk scrunchie. Photo: Shhh Silk

Seed linen spot scrunchie: $9.95

Seed linen spot scrunchie
Linen spot scrunchie. Photo: Seed

Kmart cashmere blend three pack: $6

Kmart cashmere blend three pack
Cashmere blend scrunchies. Photo: Kmart

Invisibobble prima ballerina scrunchie: $11.95

Invisibobble prima ballerina scrunchie
Pink prima ballerina scrunchie. Photo: Invisibobble

Lovisa pink fluffy scrunchie: $5

Lovisa pink fluffy scrunchie
Pink fluffy scrunchie. Photo: Lovisa

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