Olivia Newton-John's beauty brand gives a retreat feeling in your own home

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Olivia Newton-John launches a brand new business venture in skincare while promoting her passion for activism. Source: Retreatment Botanics
Olivia Newton-John launches a brand new business venture in skincare while promoting her passion for activism. Source: Retreatment Botanics

Olivia Newton-John is loved in Australia and around the world, not only for her iconic voice but for her admirable career in activism spanning decades.

For over forty years, the Australian icon has worked with environmental and animal rights organisations as well as setting up her own ventures including the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre to further cancer research and foster wellbeing in cancer patients, after receiving a terrifying cancer diagnosis herself.

And at the age of 73, she's showing no signs of slowing down.

Natural and powerful

The singer-songwriter turned businesswoman and activist is also the proud co-founder of a vegan, clean and environmentally-conscious skincare brand with long-time collaborator, Trudi Jaye.

After meeting at Gaia Retreat in Byron Bay's Hinterland, which Newton-John co-owns, the two struck up a strong friendship, connecting on their holistic wellness approach and their shared experiences.

Olivia Newton-John is showing no signs of slowing at the age of 73. Source: Retreatment Botanics
Olivia Newton-John is showing no signs of slowing at the age of 73. Source: Retreatment Botanics


With Trudi recently back from New York where she studied clean skincare, the two designed Retreatment Botanics - a vegan skincare range based on an entire cell-matrix of Australian botanicals.

"For many years, I’ve had the privilege of innovating alongside Olivia to create our beautiful skincare range and I’ve loved every moment of the journey!" co-owner, Trudi told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I could see what people were struggling with and where there were gaps in the skincare industry so I was passionate to create a natural skincare brand that truly made a difference."

The powerful, natural ingredients have been designed to harness potent Phyto Actives and rely on compounds to deliver instant and long-lasting results for a range of skin concerns spanning from hyper-pigmentation to fine lines.

The range is beautiful, put simply, offering a range of gentle yet effective cleansers, serums, moisturisers, eye creams and skincare tools harking from ancient traditions.

But their wide range of skincare for all skin types isn't their only impressive feat.

A white clay bowl sits on the left on a slab of cream stone with the black Restore serum on the right.
The vegan, cruelty-free range is free from harmful palm-oil derivatives. Source: Supplied

Saving our skin and the environment

Most base ingredients in skincare are made from palm oil derivatives which are incredibly harmful to the environment and our animals.

"Palm oil production is a leading cause of environmental devastation and it’s now considered a major cause of climate change and global warming – this is something that we simply couldn’t ignore and felt that our products couldn’t truly be considered cruelty free if they contained palm oil," Trudi explains.

Unlike other clean cosmeceutical brands, Retreatment Botanics skincare is certified palm oil-free, approved by the Orangutan Alliance, vegan, certified cruelty-free and Australian-made.

"As a brand, our values are an integral part of our mission. From the beginning, we have been dedicated to creating a skincare brand that nurtures the environment and its beautiful inhabitants."

So what are Trudi's favourite items from the range?

Restore serum

Revealed as Olivia's number one product from the label, the restore serum boasts a unique formula that delivers a harmonious blend of 14 powerful plant oil elixirs including Buriti fruit, Sea buckthorn and Squalane, scientifically balanced to deliver immediate and long-lasting results.

"I believe it’s such a loved product because you can immediately feel the skin-plumping, firming and infusing with deep hydration!" Trudi says,

A woman's hand holds the black Restore serum on the left, while the bottle is on the right against a white background.
The award-winning Restore serum is Olivia Newton-John's favourite product from the range. Source: Supplied/Retreatment Botanics

"This potent serum harnesses the transformative power of active Australian botanicals like native Sandalwood seed and wild Rosella flower extract to visibly target fine lines and wrinkles.

"Massaging just three potent drops into the face and neck leaves your skin replenished and glowing with youthful vitality."

Party skin tip: When you want extra luminosity before a party or event, apply the smallest amount to your fingertips and lightly tap over your makeup - your skin will appear beautifully dewy and refreshed, ready to glow all night.

Kakadu Brightening Serum

Second on Trudi's list is the Kakadu Brightening Serum - an intensive Vitamin C treatment that is highly targeted for treating visible signs of pigmentation and dark spots, while brightening and supporting collagen (an absolute must for preventing premature ageing!).

"We created and tested hundreds of formula versions until achieving the highest efficacy, highest potency and highest quality," Trudi explains. "Our no-compromise approach means all the products are exceptional in their own unique way."

Purifying Gel Cleanser

One we all need - a natural, clean cleanser that doesn't strip our skin's natural oils and instead, leaves the skin nourished, clean and plump.

"[The purifying gel cleanser is] amazing as it’s rich in enzymes," Trudi details. "I love that it deeply cleanses and hydrates at the same time, and I can’t get enough of the fresh citrusy scent."

A woman holds a black masque pouch to her face.
Retreatment Organic's face masque is part of Trudi's skincare routine. Source: Nourished Life

Instant Glow Face Masque

If you're like Trudi and spend Sunday's completing a nourishing self-care ritual, then you'll love this product.

"This is my go-to for giving my skin an immediate glow and renewal," she reveals. "It firms and clears imperfections and preps my skin for makeup to glide on flawlessly, with a super smooth finish.

Tip: Pop a little on blemishes for targeted spot treatment!

Where to next?

"At Retreatment Botanics, it is our vision to continue serving the needs of our growing community while inspiring positive change in the world," Trudi explains. "As well as creating luxurious, highly effective skincare to treat a wide variety of skin concerns, we also provide skincare rituals to inspire a deeper meaning to how we live our lives.

"Every day we receive messages from our Retreatment community letting us know of new products they would like to see added to the range – we listen closely to this feedback and it guides our new product development.

"Stay tuned for some exciting product additions!"

We can't wait!

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