The Simple Trick For Cutting Frozen Pizza Without A Slicer

Pepperoni pizza
Pepperoni pizza - Grace Cary/Getty Images

The convenience of a frozen pizza is second to none. All that delicious gooey cheese, aromatic sauce and satisfyingly crispy crust with no leg work? Sign us up. To make things even easier you don't even need to use a knife to slice it after it's baked — simply leave it in the wrapper and snap it into pieces using nothing but your kitchen counter and some light force.

To get started, position your wrapped pizza on the counter so exactly half of it is hanging off the edge. Put one hand on top of the half that's on the worktop to hold it in place. Then use your other hand to press down firmly on the other side of your pie so it snaps into two (this shouldn't take much effort because the crust, sauce and cheese will be solid). Finally, turn your pizza a quarter turn and repeat the process to create four even-sized slices.

Be mindful to use gentle pressure to snap your pizza into segments as this will keep any loose toppings in place inside the plastic packaging. If you have accidentally disturbed any errant toppings, hold your wrapped pizza flat and give it a light shake to shuffle them back into the right spot. Alternatively, snip the wrapper open and redistribute your pepperoni, mushrooms and peppers, over the surface of the pie before baking, or elevate your pizza with your own gourmet toppings.

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Portioning Frozen Pizza Into Slices Reduces Waste

Frozen and wrapped pepperoni pizza
Frozen and wrapped pepperoni pizza - Hadrian/Shutterstock

The upshot of this simple technique, which is best performed on thin crust pizzas versus thicker Sicilian varieties or stuffed crust options, is that you won't need to locate your pizza wheel from the back of the drawer to slice your pie once it's cooked through, or clean it afterward. It will also eliminate the risk of burning your fingers on a just-baked, scorching hot pie that's bubbly with melty cheese, as you try to slice it.

Better yet, snapping the pizza into pieces while it's frozen means you can bake only as many portions as you need while returning the rest to the freezer in a sealed freezer bag. This is an awesome trick if you're serving pizza to children who won't eat through an entire pie because you can bake a couple slices at a time and reduce food waste — but it's also a useful move to turn a frozen pizza into a grown-up dinner for one that fits neatly in a small air fryer.

The other benefit of baking frozen pizza in slices is that each piece will develop deliciously crispy edges on every exposed side, maximizing the crispy crust to gooey cheese ratio. Having said that, if you aren't a fan of extra crunchy bits you can simply push the slices back together into a circle so they're positioned flush against each other, which will prevent the sides from crisping up.

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