Shock moment cheating husband kisses mistress in front of doorbell camera

A woman has shared the shocking moment she caught her husband cheating, as she spotted him seemingly kissing his mistress thanks to their doorbell camera.

Kaylie shared the video footage to her TikTok account @kaylie271, writing: "When your husband is too sick to go on the family trip you planned" She also included the hashtags #cheater and #garbage.

tiktok doorbell cheating footage
Kaylie shared footage from her doorbell camera online. Photo: TikTok

The mum first shared the footage to her TikTok account two months ago and its been viewed over 5m times, she's since reposted it and shared further updates with her followers.

"He thought the camera was disabled," Kaylie explained in the comments section, before revealing that "Locks have been changed and he no longer resides here".


Her followers were keen to know whether he had ever apologised or said anything about the clip, to which Kaylie responded that he "has been apologising".

"But I don’t think any apology is ever going to be good enough," she added. "I don’t think I can ever be at a point where I can be like, ‘It’s okay,’ because it wasn’t okay."

TikTok kaylie cheating video on ring doorbell
Kaylie revealed she had since changed the locks. Photo: TikTok

She received plenty of support in the comments, with many of her followers incredulous that he would 'forget' about the doorbell camera.

"How does he not know about the ring?" one person asked.

"Wait he brought her to y'all house? the house you and he share?" was another shocked response.

"You deserve better," another commented, while a fourth person wrote: "Sorry you're going through this but at least you have proof."

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