Shania Twain unrecognisable after 'hideous' transformation: 'Really bad'

Shania Twain has undergone a ‘hideous’ transformation for her latest single, with many saying she looks ‘unrecognisable’.

The star channels 80s glam in her Waking Up Dreaming music video through multiple different looks.

Shania Twain in her Waking Up Dreaming music video, wearing long eyelashes and a bright pink wig
Shania Twain has been criticised for her 'hideous' eyelashes. Photo: YouTube/ShaniaTwainVevo

Her first outfit shows the singer in a pair of fuchsia sequinned pants and a white top with ruffled sleeves, paired with chunky jewellery draped around her neck.

To finish off her dramatic look, she donned extremely long eyelashes and a voluminous pink wig.

She was also seen wearing a hot pink and black patterned dress, with long black gloves and a platinum blonde wig. The star paid tribute to pop icon Cyndi Lauper with her bright blue eyeshadow.


Shania’s other bold look proved she is a chameleon, transforming again with crimped red hair and a sequinned green jumpsuit.

She opted for heavy makeup with a bold red lip, and her oversized green and yellow eyelashes made a statement.

Two photos of Shania Twain in her Waking Up Dreaming music video with red crimped hair, green and yellow eyelashes and a sparkling green jumpsuit
Fans were horrified by the star's bold looks. Photo: YouTube/ShaniaTwainVevo

The five-time Grammy award winner shared a sneak peek of her music video on Instagram, writing: “You didn’t think I would give you Waking Up Dreaming without a music video right?? I can’t wait to see you guys replicate these looks…you know I had to give you some more outfit inspo.”

Fans expressed their disbelief on her post, with many comparing her eyelashes to ‘spiders’.

“I’m very unimpressed with this new look. Those eyelashes look like giant tarantulas on her face. The hair?? What was she thinking? Not cool at all. For me…it’s time to retire,” one person wrote.

“Ummm…Shania I love you but what the heck is that makeup and really bad eyelashes about?” asked a second.

“Noooo…stop trying to be Lady Gaga. This is hideous! You have a class and style of your own and that is why you are loved. Please don’t go down this road,” another pleaded.

“Not interested in that look, what the hell are you doing?” a fourth wrote.

Two photos of Shania Twain from her Waking Up Dreaming wearing a large blonde wig in 80s styled clothing
The star had great fun dressing up as different icons from the 80s. Photo: YouTube/ShaniaTwainVevo

Loyal fans were quick to shut down any criticism, saying that they ‘loved’ the star’s makeup choices.

“It’s a humorous concept…it’s supposed to be out there. Gosh so serious folks, have fun with it,” one pointed out.

“There is nothing wrong with trying something new especially if you have Shania’s talent, love that woman,” added a second.

“The song is incredible and the amazing 80s glam looks from this video took it to a whole new level. Shania is truly a gem. I LOVE HER and so happy for her new era!!!! Let’s go, girls!!!” another gushed.

The star opened up about her new music video on The One Show, saying that she’s a ‘daydreamer’ and the song is about ‘escapism’.

“In this particular song I want to be a rockstar, I want to be Prince, I want to be Cyndi Lauper,” she explained.

“I want to be all of these fun things that I’ve never actually done in any of the fashion things that I’ve done in the past. Very unconventional for me,” she admits.

Designer Mark Bouwer left a sweet message of support on the singer’s YouTube channel, writing: “This is the eighth video that I have styled and costumed for you.

"I love how our collaboration has become so iconic and I am sure with Wake Up Dreaming we have achieved this again! This has been a long and inspiring journey across the globe creating all these gorgeous looks for you!”

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