Shane Warne's 'unfair' I'm A Celebrity perk that changed the rules forever

It’s one of the toughest reality shows on TV, with celebrities forced to forgo their daily luxuries for a life of jungle living.

But one celebrity changed the I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! rules forever after he was afforded a privilege from producers while in the camp.

Shane Warne in the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here jungle
Shane Warne was allowed to smoke while he was in the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here jungle!. Photo: Channel 10

Aussie cricket legend Shane Warne appeared on the show back in 2016 and was kicked out by viewers just days away from the finale.

Not only does he claim in his autobiography that he was paid $2 million for the gig, but Warnie was also allowed to smoke on the show.

Now, speaking to the Herald Sun, Ten’s head of entertainment and factual programs, Stephen Tate, said they learned quite a few lessons from Shane Warne’s time in camp.

“Shane Warne taught us a lesson and that is we cannot make exceptions. If we make an exception for one, we make an exception for all,” he said.

“Shane was very open with us about needing to smoke and we made a concession.


Shane Warne promo shot for I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here
Shane appeared on the show in 2016. He was also allowed to get his hair done during filming. Photo: Channel 10

“There were other smokers in the camp who went, ‘well, that is unfair’ so we had to agree to let them smoke too.

“We have not made a concession like that since Shane. There are no more riders.”

In his 2018 autobiography, No Spin by Shane Warne, Shane Warne revealed more about his smoking privilege.

“I could smoke but had to follow the process of being about a hundred yards from the camp with a security guard accompanying me,” he wrote.

He also revealed he had his hair done during his stint on the show.

“The next was my hair. It has to be redone by Advanced Hair every three weeks, so the company flew out to the bush midway through the filming of the program,” he wrote.

“It was a simple enough strand-by-strand process to the crown of my head and took no more than 45 minutes.”

He said producers drove him to a house so he could get his hair done, while the rest of his campmates were asleep.

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