Beau Ryan reveals moment that ‘broke’ him on I’m A Celebrity: ‘Torture’

After shocking viewers when he suddenly quit I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! on Thursday night, Beau Ryan has now spoken out about why he decided to leave so close to the finish line.

The former NRL star joined Fitzy & Wippa on Friday and revealed that there was one specific moment during the experience that ‘broke’ him.

I'm A Celebrity's Beau Ryan.
Beau Ryan has revealed the one moment that ‘broke’ him on I’m A Celebrity. Photo: Channel Ten

“The thing about the show, you’re being filmed 24 hours and I was just like, really cagey at the start of the third week,” he said.

“We did two days in a row where I did no trials, and then [the producers] came down and said ‘Today is a no filming day so we're not actually using today’, and that broke me. That really broke me, and I just had a thought in my mind.”


Beau became the fourth contestant in the show’s history to say the famous words ‘I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here!’, following tennis pro Bernard Tomic, former professional boxer Anthony Mundine, and comedian Mel Buttle.

He delivered an emotional speech to his fellow campmates during the episode explaining that he had to go home because he missed his wife Kara and their two children, eight-year-old Remi and three-year-old Jesse.

“My kids need their dad. My wife needs a husband, and I need to find myself back,” he said. “I came in here to prove something to myself. I can't gain anything else from this show. So call it what you like, but my journey here is over, and I love you guys.”

The social media response to Beau’s departure was very mixed, with some viewers confused as to why he couldn’t stay an extra week and questioning whether it had something to do with his salary and contract with Channel Ten.

The Amazing Race host admitted during his recent radio interview that he only had five days left, but he “hated” the experience and described it as “torture”.

“To clear up, whether I stayed one day or the whole thing, I got paid the same amount. There was nothing like that,” he added.

I'm A Celebrity's Beau Ryan.
Viewers were divided over Beau’s elimination, with some calling him ‘honourable’. Photo: Channel Ten

He also said that watching the show back “was probably one of the hardest things” he’s ever done because he didn’t have any control over what was shown.

“I've been really anxious the last month watching it, it has been really quite overwhelming because I didn't really know what was going to air,” he told the Nova hosts.

“In all seriousness, last night was really emotional with my daughter and that watching it… I felt like a pussy, I was really upset with myself. At the end of the day, man I couldn't get through it.”

Shortly after his on-screen exit, Beau posted a video on Instagram reuniting with his family after five weeks away.

“The jungle beat me. It’s time to go home,” he captioned the emotional clip.

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