Sexiest scents revealed: And the surprising fragrance at number 1

Frangipani in bloom. The pineapple and coconut in your Piña Colada. Salty ocean waves…

The scent of summer is in the air and with it, the smell of summer fragrances as people enjoy the gorgeous Aussie weather after a pretty tough year.

Whether you’re into spicy oriental scents, fun and fruity florals or woodsy green fragrances, there’s a scent just right for you.

Beautiful young woman with bottle of perfume at home,Closeup.
There’s a scent just right for you. But some have been deemed sexier than others. Photo: Getty

But there are some scents that are deemed sexier than others, set to turn the most heads and send hearts racing.

The science behind scent

Although scent is subjective, there is science behind which scents trigger arousal in both men and women.

The experts at OnBuy Women’s Perfume were keen to discover the most common perfume notes that increase sexual tension.


After analysing the scents deemed to have the best aphrodisiac qualities, they compared their relative popularity on the perfume website Fragrantica to determine which notes were most likely to set hearts racing.

And the results may surprise you.

Sexiest scents revealed

Coming in at no.1 is….pumpkin! That’s right, it’s Ginger Spice’s even sultrier cousin and now we know why so many people fall head-over-heels for pumpkin spiced lattes (and the local farm boy-turned-restaurant owner) in all those holiday movies.

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Pumkin is apparently the sexiest scent. Photo: Getty

In fact, Pumpkin is the most popular female aphrodisiac scent with an average rating of 4.23 out of 5 on Fragrantica. Boasting a sweet note, the scent of pumpkin is likely to stimulate partners' memories of their favourite sweet treats.

Adding a sensual mix, when combined with lavender, pumpkin notes can arouse men the most, increasing their blood flow by 40%.

Cinnamon comes dashing in to take second place with champaca, ranking at number two with an average rating of 4.05 out of 5 on Fragrantica. Cinnamon is spicy and enticing, in contrast to champaca which is a spicier floral note.

Perhaps the least surprising aphrodisiac scent takes third place-Vanilla. With 4.02 out of 5 on Fragrantica, Vanilla is commonly recognised for its warm and soothing properties and is featured in so many luxurious perfumes.

This sweet scent has been linked to sexual arousal and is proven to reduce tension and stress. Many of the most popular perfumes also offer other seductive notes such as bergamot (sixth place) and jasmine (seventh place).

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Cinnamon and Vanilla are also likely to get you going. Photo: Getty

The scent of a man

Men don’t miss out on the sensory pleasure of scent either, with OnBuy Men’s Aftershave revealing a list of the scents that women most like to smell on men, making them perfect gift options for Christmas this year.

Very similar to the above, spices, vanilla and woody notes were the scents most favoured by women for men.

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