Sex and the City's Jason Lewis has aged like fine wine

American TV series Sex and the City was huge in the late nineties and early naughties, following four New York women as they looked for 'The One' and while it was women and their friendships that were the focus, there were of course a few noteworthy men too.

Top male model Jason Lewis had already landed a number of acting roles but it was sensitive and handsome waiter Jerry 'Smith' Jerrod in SATC for which he will always be remembered.

Sex and the City actor Jason Lewis stands in black t-shirt smiling and gesturing to designer Tommy Hilfiger with a big smile in blue shirt over white tee, fashion crowd in background
Sex and the City actor Jason with designer Tommy Hilfiger at the label's 1997 fashion show. Photo: Getty Images

Smith not only wins over Samantha who prefers casual dating, but also shows that a relationship can be supportive and loving.


"You have meant more to me than any man I have ever known," Samantha tells Smith after he's flown back from his film set to surprise her while she's going through chemo for breast cancer.

And actor Jason Lewis also won over fans with his compassionate portrayal of a character that could have been a one-dimensional hunk.

Kim Cattrall and Jason Lewis walking on the set of sex in the city, both wearing thongs, Kim in a pinker dress, Jason in black jeans and grey graphic singlet traffic cones and cars in the background
Kim Cattrall and Jason Lewis on the set of Sex and the City in New York. Photo: Getty Images

"Really good writing speaks to something we all experience," Jason told The Morning Show in 2020 about how much he enjoyed the role.

"I think they did such a good job of doing that while keeping it funny, entertaining and sensational.

"They wrote a really wonderful character," he added, highlighting how Smith shaved his head in solidarity with girlfriend Samantha when she started chemotherapy.

"That was also one of the best experiences I think I’ve ever had filming as well because the actors that you saw in her big reveal scene were all cancer survivors themselves.

"It was a very meaningful storyline - especially because one of our producers had suffered (from cancer) as well."

Jason Lewis in front of a hedge, sitting with a lake in background and looking up at the sky wearing a bicycle helmet
Jason Lewis, now 51, has aged just as well as you'd imagine ! Photo: Instagram/@jasonleelewis

Jason thinks the show still stands up despite criticising it as a product of its time.

"I think a good story well told lets us know we’re not alone in the world," Jason told Fashion Week Daily last year.

"It speaks to universal themes that matter to all of us ... it was a very viscerally entertaining show: beautiful sets, clothing…shoes!

'Those dramatic life experiences."

Jason Lewis at an airport sporting a man-bag and with his hands on his head making a comical face
Jason Lewis is best known for playing Smith in Sex And The City but he is now working on a series of fantasy novels. Photo: Instagram/@jasonleelewis

Storytelling is also an ongoing thread in Jason's life and something that inspired him from early on.

"I was always a geek for storytelling," he revealed.

"I would hide in libraries and movie theatres growing up; I’d steal change from my mom’s purse to go to the movies because you could go for change back then.

"I even worked in a library and I learnt the Dewey Decimal system."

Last month Jason even revealed that he's working on his first book.

"I’m working on a series of novels; a series of fantasy epics.

"I’ve been daydreaming on them for years," he said.

Other than that, Jason continues to act and has returned to modelling.

"I'd been going to some fashion shows pre-COVID, which really reawakened my love of the industry by being around that creativity. I started thinking in those terms, and I became more interested" he said.

We're sorry though, ladies - Jason is taken - having gotten engaged to long-term girlfriend, actress and model Liz Godwin in 2020.

Jason Lewis and Liz Godwin in Rome with ancient architecture in the background and in Thailand with an elephant and jungle in background
Jason got engaged to his long-term girlfriend Liz Godwin in 2020. Photo: Instagram/@jasonleelewis

Sex and the City ended in 2004, but Jason still credits the character of Smith as a role model for himself.

"He’s somebody to attain to," he told Fashion Week Daily, "I think I’ve maybe become more like him as I got older.

"I tend not to hold grudges as much as I would have when I was a young man and I exercise my empathy a great deal more now than I used to."

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