Brendan Fraser unrecognisable after 270kg transformation

The Mummy star Brendan Fraser is completely recognisable after undergoing a transformation for a new role.

Starring in upcoming film The Whale, which is expected to debut at the 2022 Venice Film Festival, Brendan plays the role of a reclusive 272kg man attempting to reconnect with his teen daughter.

Speaking with Unilad last year, Brendan said the costume was "extensive, seamless, cumbersome".

Brendan Fraser in The Whale.
Brendan has transformed for his new role in The Whale. Source: Instagram/A24

"It's gonna be like something you haven't seen before," he said.

"This is certainly far removed from anything I've ever done but not to be coy ... I do know it's going to make a lasting impression."

Brendan has been largely absent from our screens in recent years, with the actor disappearing from Hollywood in the mid-2000s.


In an explosive interview with GQ in 2018, Brendan claimed he was "blacklisted" by Hollywood after he alleged an ex-president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association sexually assaulted him in 2003.

He did however make a comeback in Batgirl earlier this year.

Fans shocked by star's new look

Posting a photo on Instagram of his transformation for the role, which was achieved with prosthetics and makeup, the star said he was "having a whale of a time".

Fans were stunned by his new look, with many expressing their excitement about the upcoming film.

Brendan Fraser poses in 1991.
Brendan Fraser has been largely out of the spotlight in recent years. Source: Getty

"So happy for you, and us fans! We all deserve this! Heck yeah!" one said.

"Glad to see you back on the silver screen. You were my childhood movie star and it's so great to see you again." another said.

"It's impossible to make Brendan unattractive," a third added.

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