Man's ‘selfish’ marriage proposal plan leaves his mum fuming

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A woman has been left fuming after her son apparently promised his on-again-off-again girlfriend he would propose to her using a valuable family ring.

Explaining the ordeal on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum, the woman explained she doesn't really want her son to propose with the ring as she doesn't want it leaving the family.

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The woman does not want her son using the family ring to propose. Photo: Getty

"My son wants to use my mom’s ring to propose to his girlfriend,” she explained. 

“He apparently told her he would propose with it without telling me, assuming I would let him. I told him I won’t let him use the ring for the engagement, only the wedding, and only after she signs a legal agreement saying the ring is to be returned to the family in the event of a divorce. 

"He is furious because he says having that agreement makes it look like I think they are going to divorce. I admit I think there’s a good chance of that, they broke up in 2019 and got back together again after seven months, and they get into a massive fight at least once a month.”


The mother made it clear she doesn't oppose her son's marriage, but she does want to protect her property as the ring is a family heirloom and has both sentimental and monetary value.

"If he wants to marry her that’s fine, but I don’t want my mom’s ring, which she got from her great aunt, leaving the family,” she wrote. 

"He doesn’t want to tell her because it will make it look like he’s worried that their marriage won’t be long-term and [he] wants to use the ring to demonstrate he’s serious. 

"But I don’t want him to give her the ring until the wedding, so she doesn’t run off with it if things go bad. 

"I’m not sure of the value of the ring but it’s got a five-carat ruby and multiple diamonds, so I assume it’s over $10,000 value."

The post received hundreds of comments with most people agreeing the woman was right to do what she wanted with her own ring.

"Your son stepped way outta line on this. He sounds entitled and selfish," one person commented.

"You are 100% entitled to determine what happens with your property," another said.

While a third said: "Similar situation for someone I know and now the ring is an unknown pawn shop."

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