Secret McDonald's menu item sends fans crazy: 'OMG what?'

Aussies are losing it over this little-known McDonald's buy.

One woman's obsession with McDonald's chocolate hot fudge sauce has sparked a huge debate online about whether buying it in huge bulk bags is actually a thing. After expressing her love for the sundae topping on Facebook, the woman asked whether anyone had been successful in buying the 'absolutely delicious' sauce by the bag.

"Where can I get my hands on a bag of it?" She asked. "Or does anyone know of a fudge sauce that comes a close second?" Her request was immediately met with replies from hundreds of other hot fudge sauce enthusiasts, with some even claiming to have procured a bag.

A bag of McDonald's hot fudge sauce next to a chocolate Sunday
One McDonald's customer said she was able to get her hands on a 1.2kg bag of the famous hot fudge sauce from her local restaurant. Photo: Facebook

The customers who claimed to have secured themselves a bag of the hot sauce all said it set them back between $10 and $20. Each person said they had approached their local McDonald’s restaurant directly and walked away with a huge 1.2-kilo bag of the cult fudge sauce, with one even sharing photo evidence of their haul.

“Yep, you definitely can, a few years ago it was about $20. Most likely went up since then,” one person stated. “Call your local Maccas. Sometimes they will sell you a bag," another person confirmed. "Hubby got me a bag for Mother’s Day... 1.2kgs of pure heaven!” another person confirmed.

“You can buy anything from Maccas," someone else said. "Coffee beans, bottles of syrup, topping. Just ask." a former McDonald's employee even chimed in, encouraging customers to simply ask.


It's not always available

However, another McDonald’s employee said it definitely 'wasn't a thing' and said managers aren’t technically allowed to sell customers the bulk buy.

“I work for McDonald’s and I can assure you, this is not a thing," they said. "If you have purchased a bag of chocolate syrup from McDonald’s it depends on the manager."

In fact, the person who originally asked the question admitted she had since tried to contact a few local stores without any success. McDonald’s Australia has been approached for comment.

McDonald's Sundae
Maccas fans were sent into a spin after realising they could potentially pick up a bulk bag of the hot n sticky sauce. Photo: McDonald's

You can make it yourself

However, if you’re keen to get your hands on a similar choc fudge sauce, all hope isn’t lost, with several people suggesting other places that supposedly sell the same brand as McDonald’s does and even other supermarket versions which 'come pretty close'.

“They have a food co-op in Eagleby, Queensland that was selling bags of Macca's choc sauce a few years ago for $3 each," one person shared. "Safe to say we brought like five bags and me and the kids were set for months."

Hot fudge sauce from Coles and Woolworths
Hot fudge sauce lovers said the versions from Coles and Woolworths came pretty close to the popular Maccas one. Photo: Facebook

“We got a bag of it from a food wholesale-type place," another echoed. "It's legit the exact same." Others spoke highly of offerings from Coles and Woolworths.

Some especially crafty folks even tried to recreate the sauce at home using one tin of condensed milk, 60g unsalted butter and 400g Nestle melts. “Try melting them in the microwave in 30-second bursts until melted," one said. "If too thick you could add a tiny bit more butter. It will thicken when it cools but just re-warm it.

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