McDonald's fans lose it over return of iconic burger: 'About time'

A popular menu item is finally back on the Macca's menu - but there's a catch.

Get ready to rejoice, McDonald's fans, because the ultimate reboot is here. In a world of questionable nostalgic revivals like bucket hats, tie-dye and those cargo pants that seem to have escaped from the '90s, we've all been waiting for a return that truly hits the spot.

And guess what, folks? The McDonald's McFeast is finally back, and it's just what we've been secretly craving.

Mcdonald's McFeast
Start the car, the McFeast is back for a limited time. Photo: McDonald's

The McFeast was stealthily dropped from the Macca's menu in 2021, leaving its devoted fans blindsided.

With its blend of mustard, ketchup and iconic McChicken sauce, along with crispy lettuce, melted cheese, and pickles, all hugged between two toasted sesame seed buns, it's been sorely missed.

But starting May 31, delicious burger will be back on the McDonald's line-up.


When you can get a McFeast

Now, here's the important info: the beloved burger returns in the McFeast Lunch Deal, which is only available between 11:30am to 2:30pm for a limited time at participating Macca's restaurants (excluding delivery). The meal includes a McFeast, Small Fries and a Small Soft Drink for $5.95.

McDonald's McFeast Meal
A McDonald's Small McFeast Meal will set you back $5.95 and is available between 11:30am and 2:30pm. Photo: McDonald's

Naturally, fans of the burger are already planning to fill the McFeast-sized void in their lives. "This has made my day," exclaimed one burger lover on Instagram. Another chimed in with a triumphant "Yay, finally!" and a third exclaimed, "About time!"


One hungry fan couldn't help but request, "Can you bring it back for dinner time too?" It seems the craving for the McFeast knows no bounds. And of course, there's that tiny hint of nostalgia in the air, as a hopeful voice remarked, "Let's hope it's as good as it used to be!"

So, forget those questionable fashion revivals nobody asked for. This is the comeback that truly matters.

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