Savvy mum uses simple Kmart item to save $165: 'Fantastic'

A mum has been praised for turning to Kmart after receiving an outrageous quote from an electrician.

Nicola shared her ‘brilliant’ hack on a popular Facebook group, explaining how she saved $165.

L: Kmart basket as a man shops. R: Photo of a lounge cinema room
A mum has come up with a 'brilliant' Kmart solution. Photo: Getty & Facebook

Along some images of her dimly lit cinema room, she raved about Kmart’s $35 Mirabella Genio dimmable UFO lightbulb.

“This bulb at $35 is brilliant in the theatre room…colour changing and dimmable, and [you can] use [it] through the app, which is good when you’re sat in the dark and you can’t find the remote,” she began.

“Electrician wanted $200+ to put a dimmer switch in… [if] you want the full cinema experience [try this].”


The Mirabella Genio range is quite large, with customers able to get standard light LED bulbs, strip lighting, and even a galaxy projector.

Nicola said that while she’s ‘not tech savvy’, she had no issues with setting up the light with the app.

The mum also added that the bulb is ‘brighter’ than the 60-watt bulb she had in the room previously, and it comes with the benefit of a ‘warm white’ option.

A lounge bathed in dark red light, to replicate a cinema
Nicola managed to replicate a cinema feeling at home without the hefty price tag. Photo: Facebook

It wasn’t long before other group members were planning to snag the coveted item from the store.

“Definitely getting one for my son’s room. Thanks,” one mum commented.

“Might be an option for one of our darker rooms…might have to get one,” another added.

Other Mirabella Genio fans also shared their own ideas on how to use the products, with one group member sharing a photo of her strip lighting set-up.

L: Kmart's Mirabella Genio UFO dimmable LED in Nicola's hand. R: Photos of Genio's Star & Nebula product and strip lights against a white background
Kmart's Mirabella Genio range is extremely popular. Photo: Facebook & Kmart

“The Geniobulbs are fantastic! Highly recommend. I have them in my living room and bedrooms and use the schedule/timer function. Also love the dimming and colour options!” a mum wrote.

“These are great, I purchased the two-pack downlights. Not sure if your one does it but if you play music and let your phone listen, the light will flash with it,” a second pointed out.

“We have these through our whole house. Love them so much! It’s really helped with sleep having the red light on dim half an hour before we go to sleep too,” another chimed in.

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