SAS's Dan Ewing regrets 'aggressive' argument with son's stepdad

SAS Australia recruit Dan Ewing has opened up about the headline-making argument he had with ex-wife Marni Little's new husband David Robertshaw in 2018.

The former Home and Away star shared more about the story during an intense interrogation on the show after being asked if he ever gets angry.

SAS Australia's Dan Ewing
SAS Australia's Dan Ewing has shared a story of an 'aggressive' argument he had with his son's stepfather during an interrogation. Photo: Seven

"I 100 per cent have been angered before, I'll give you an example," he told the Directing Staff.

"I've been through a public divorce, we don't live with my son [Archie]. Rock bottom for Dan Ewing was not seeing his son. The marriage breaking down was one thing. Not seeing my little boy, that, that caused me unimaginable pain," the actor explained.


"My little boy is six now. When he was three. It became apparent to me that he, he was calling his stepfather Dad, and I was Daddy. That to me is a pain that I would not wish on any father. Any mother."

"I want to be really clear here, his stepfather is a very good man. His mother is a terrific woman, Okay, that's not, I'm not disputing that. But to hear that. That was pretty bad. I wasn't his Dad. I was Daddy, and that hurts to have that title taken away," Dan said tearfully.

Dan Ewing is interrogated on SAS
Dan told the DS how his anger got the better of him and he "berated" his son's stepdad. Photo: Seven
Marni Little and David Robertshaw
Dan became upset when his son began calling Marni Little's new husband David Robertshaw 'Dad' and called him 'Daddy'. Photo: Instagram/Marni Little

"I buried it. And suppressed it and it manifested in an exchange where my son's mother wasn't available to do the visitation handover. Just the stepfather. And that's what I thought would be a great opportunity, well, in fact I did not think, Staff. I did the good old, I basically berated his stepfather informed him politely, or not so politely, that he was not his real dad."

When the DS said they didn't see anything wrong with Dan telling his son's stepfather he wasn't his real dad, the actor added, "No, but I did it in a way that was disrespectful, Staff, I did it in a way that was... aggressively, verbally aggressively."

"I jumped out of the car I started berating him, 'You're not his father. F*** off. Go and get his mother, I'm not giving my son to you,'" he recalled.

Dan Ewing and Kat Risteska
Dan is currently in a relationship with dancer Kat Risteska. Photo: Instagram/Dan Ewing

"That exchange, verbal exchange, ended up in a complaint, being filed with police. That was investigated... The bottom line, Staff, was that it was disrespectful and there was levels before because I let my ego and my emotions, engage."

The DS told him that it seemed to them as though he was trying too hard to "suppress" his anger and if he didn't have some "miniature explosions" every now and then, he'll have a "huge explosion" and they wanted him to be himself, because the show is the best place to do that.

Dan is currently studying to become a life coach and is dedicating himself to be the best person, father and partner he can be. He is also now on good terms with David.

He is currently in a relationship with dancer Kat Risteska.

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