SAS star Bonnie Anderson’s bizarre answer leaves viewers in stitches

She might’ve had an emotional exit from SAS Australia during Wednesday night’s episode, but Bonnie Anderson left viewers laughing with her bizarre confession.

As part of a gruelling task in the military training series, the 12 remaining recruits stood in a freezing pit of ice to face a lesson in mindset.

Bonnie Anderson on SAS Australia.
Bonnie made it to the halfway mark in the series. Photo: Channel Seven

The celebrities were then asked a series of questions by the Directing Staff, with incorrect answers meaning they had to submerge themselves into the water.

One of the questions posed to Bonnie was, “What way are you facing when you’re sat on the toilet?”.


The 27-year-old paused while still adjusting to the shock temperature before replying, “backwards”.

She immediately gave a confused look after realising what she had said, while instructor Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox also smirked at her hilarious answer.

Bonnie Anderson and Jason 'Foxy' Fox on SAS Australia.
Instructor Foxy couldn’t help but laugh at Bonnie’s strange answer. Photos: Channel Seven

Fans quickly took to Twitter to laugh at the singer’s slip-up, with many saying that they “lost it”.

“Bonnie did say she sat backwards on the toilet didn't she?” one person wrote, with another adding, “Brilliant!”.

“Oh man, Bonnie Anderson just won SAS Australia as far as I’m concerned,” someone else laughed.

“Bonnie is like her character in Neighbours,” a fourth tweeted.

Bonnie Anderson hugging Ant Middleton on SAS Australia.
Ant said he was “gutted” to see Bonnie leave. Photo: Channel Seven

Later on in the episode, Bonnie decided she had had enough and wanted to voluntarily withdraw herself from the show.

“I feel like I’ve pushed myself beyond my limits, I’ve given everything that I’ve got,” she announced.

“My emotions are really to that point where I feel that I’ve broken… I’m proud, I can really walk out of here with a lot of lessons, it’s been cool.”

When she revealed the news to Chief Instructor Ant Middleton, who is known for being extremely tough on the competing celebrities, he gave her a big hug and admitted that he was “gutted” to see her leave.

“Now you can go and inspire others, and hopefully inspire yourself to be a better version of who you are, which I know you have been on this course,” he said.

“I've seen a transformation over the last seven days, it’s been really, really cool.”

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