SAS Australia star's shocking confession about his marriage

Former Olympian Matthew Mitcham admitted his compulsion to lie has damaged his marriage.

SAS Australia star Matthew Mitcham has revealed his secret marriage turmoil in an on-air confession, revealing that he hasn't always been the 'best husband' and has caused a lot of pain towards his partner.

The troubled athlete, who previously opened up about his drug addiction while on SAS, made a new confession about his 'sexual behaviour' saying he has experimented outside of his relationship to husband Luke Rutherford when asked to admit his most shameful experience.

The former Olympian said that in doing so, he's caused 'serious damage' to the relationship.

“I haven’t been the best husband and I’ve definitely caused a lot of pain and I still have a lot of shame for lies and deception in my relationship," he said.

Matthew Mitcham on SAS Australia.
Matthew Mitcham opened up about his marriage on the latest episode of SAS Australia. Photo: Seven

Matthew then went on to say part of his shame revolved around whether he could be a 'compulsive' liar, saying he struggles to tell the truth in difficult situations.

"So the thing that I’m most ashamed to admit today is that I hurt the people who are most important to me because honesty is not one of my core values and I’m a liar,” he said.


“I struggle to tell the truth when it’s difficult.”

Matthew opened up more about the shame he holds onto surrounding what's happened in his relationship when talking to DS Ant Middleton, after being called into the interrogation tent.

Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham. Photo: Seven
Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham. Photo: Seven

“There’s - I can’t even - sexual behaviour within my relationship, sexual behaviour outside the relationship," he said.

“Which is ridiculous because my partner and I have an understanding and yet I still have so much shame about it that I can’t be honest with it. So there’s no reason to lie about it, and that’s what eats me up because of my own shame."

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