SAS Australia: Fans shocked after star suffers near-death accident

Zima Anderson was forced to medically withdraw after what appeared to be a nasty fall.

SAS Australia left fans reeling after last night's episode showed actress Zima Anderson suffer what appeared to be a horrific fall.

In a challenge, Zima was meant to leap off a ledge into the water but cameras panned away from her jump, with a faint thud being heard before the actress started screaming in pain.

"In a task replicating an infiltration of a military fort, number two Zima has taken a fall," the voiceover said, as the actress could be heard sobbing as DS Ant Middleton and the medical team raced to her side.

Zima Anderson's jump on SAS Australia
Zima Anderson's jump off a ledge saw her miss the water and land on the ground. Photo: Seven

"This doesn't matter, the exercise does not matter anymore," Ant said, as pain relief started being administered to Zima and a neck brace was placed on her.

There were apparently no open wounds detected as Zima was taken off in an ambulance and medically withdrawn from the competition, with the voiceover stating she sustained a fracture to her elbow and wrist.


As for the task, it was discontinued for the remaining contestants.

Fans of the show couldn't believe what they had witnessed, as Ant Middleton told the other contestants that "it was just the nature of the beast."

'Something weird here'

While wishing the star a speedy recovery, a lot of fans started speculating that the accident didn't make sense.

Zima Anderson injured on SAS Australia
Zima Anderson had to be medically withdrawn from SAS Australia. Photo: Seven

"If Zima fell from that height onto concrete, she'd be dead. Something weird here!" one person said.

"Maybe she hurt herself trying to toss the bergen and had to climb back down?" another speculated.

"The Zima fall is messing with my head, it doesn’t make sense, I need more details... but I hope she's recovered," another fan said.

"I looked at it frame by frame of what they showed and I think she must have misstepped off the left side of the gangplank and fallen straight down through the ropes. She landed on her bergen on the left side which thankfully cushioned her fall," one eagle-eyed fan commented.

'Could not be more grateful'

Regardless of what happened, ZIma has taken to Instagram to thank the SAS crew for her experience on the show.

"I could not be more grateful to have heard the stories of and been bossed around by these legends. Honestly could not thank you all more for this experience, all your words and encouragement- Alongside the whole SAS crew- the doctors through this moment," she said.

"Thank GOD I didn't break my spine 😂 Number 2 over and out," she ended the post with.

Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Channel Seven for comment about Zima's accident.

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