SAS Australia star shocks with bizarre X-rated confession: ‘Good for you’

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With 14 everyday Aussies coming together to take on ‘the most brutal course ever’ on SAS Australia: Hell Week, it’s only expected that there might be some shocking admissions or outbursts amongst the group.

One contestant stunned his fellow recruits during Monday night’s episode with a rather bizarre X-rated confession about his genitals.

SAS Australia stars James and Bassim.
James spoke to Bassim about ways to ‘boost testosterone’. Photos: Channel Seven

After enduring ‘the most savage beasting yet’ through coal and mud, the eight remaining competitors attempted to get themselves clean with a communal bucket of water and sponge.

However, it was one very personal discussion that left the group dumbfounded.

“Don’t you sun your nuts, mate? Seriously!” James, a holistic health coach, asked bodybuilder Bassim.


“I don’t sun my nuts,” the 32-year-old replied, which James was surprised to hear.

“It’s good for you. Scientifically proven to boost testosterone if you stick your gonads in the sun,” a smiling James remarked.

Bassim went on to strip down and wash his private area in front of everyone, once again leaving James taken aback.

“Jesus Bas, I know we’re comfortable…” he began, to which Bassim said, “You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do."

The candid conversation comes shortly after the recruits were pitted against one another for an intense boxing match.

Youth worker Beck, 33, volunteered to go up against 22-year-old surfer Mitch in the ring, which was described as “harsh” by social media users.

“My God I feel for her,” one person tweeted, with another adding, “This is the only exercise that’s hard to watch.”

“This is brutal, I take my hat off to Beck,” a third shared, followed by, “She stood her ground and didn’t buckle over in tears, good on her.”

Former contestant Mark Philippoussis was also impressed with Beck’s actions, commenting, “Wow tough!”.

SAS Australia boxing match.
Fans online said the boxing challenge “hard to watch”. Photo: Channel Seven/Remco Jansen

While some fans online believe that the new mini-season of the show is “underwhelming” and they miss the celebrity aspect, others said they’ve been “totally hooked”.

“This is by far the best SAS show there has been, absolute brilliant watch,” one viewer remarked.

“How good is Hell Week... Loving the intensity,” someone else shared, while a different user added, “I feel like the DS are a lot harder on the non-celebrities - and I love it!”.

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