SAS Australia star bows out after fear of injury

One recruit left the show fearing injury, while another opened up about her turbulent childhood.

SAS Australia has lost another recruit after Olympic runner Peter Bol called time on his SAS experience after an aggressive game of 'murderball'.

Despite Peter winning the respect of the DS with his tactics during the murderball round, he was left reevaluating whether his time was up with the pressure of the 2023 World Champs and the 2024 Olympics looming.

"I've got World Champs this year. I've got the Olympics next year. I was fourth in Tokyo. I don't want to be fourth again," said Peter, who also admitted he was getting fearful of obtaining an injury in the remaining days of SAS.

"The Olympics only comes every four years. That fear of not being able to perform when it matters the most, that worries me a bit," he said.

Peter Bol on SAS Australia
Peter Bol bowed out of SAS Australia after fearing an injury. Photo: Seven

"I don't want to put myself at risk physically because I still have to go out there and compete for the country. If you're going against the best in the world, you need every single one per cent."


Last night's episode also saw actress Zima Anderson singled out as the weakest recruit, before being called to the mirror room to be questioned by the DS.

The actress opened up about her childhood in the foster care system and the effect of her birth mother's schizophrenia.

Zima Anderson on SAS Australia
Zima Anderson opens up about her turbulent childhood on SAS Australia. Photo: Seven

"I love her [my mum] to pieces, but when I was younger, it was just too tough when someone's mentally not there at all. She'd leave me places. Having to see constant episodes of emotion without control has been very tough," she shared.


"Because of my family upbringing, I always seem to choose people who couldn't love me, and that's probably where most of my emotions and breakdowns have been," she said, referring to choosing the wrong romantic partners.

Zima then went on the next day to lead her team to victory in a challenge, with the DS praising her for her clear communication and leadership skills.

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