SAS fans outraged by Jana Pittman's shock collapse: 'Let her lie down'

Viewers were left outraged after SAS Australia star Jana Pittman collapsed into the mud amid a gruelling, never-ending obstacle course in Monday night's episode.

The 38-year-old former Olympian reached her limit after being forced to do lap after excruciating lap of a merciless two-kilometre land and water assault course.

SAS Australia star Jana Pittman collapses and is assisted by instructor Ant Middleton. Photo: Channel 7.
SAS Australia star Jana Pittman has collapsed, leaving fans outraged. Photo: Channel 7.

Jana: 'I'm cooked'

Visibly pale and fatigued, Jana declared she wasn't doing a third round, much to the dismay of her fellow recruits and the DS staff.

"I'm so cooked, I'm done," she said before falling to the ground.

While fans were immensely impressed with Jana's incredible efforts, they were less pleased with how she was treated by the unyielding team of instructors led by Ant Middleton.

Ant attempted to pull Jana to her feet, sternly warning her to 'Stand up now,' but the mum-of-four was clearly spent.

She was later hauled into a waiting vehicle and given fluids by a medic, telling him she was "super dizzy" and seeing spots.


SAS Australia star Jana Pittman collapses and is assisted by instructor Ant Middleton. Photo: Channel 7.
Instructor Ant Middleton urged Jana to stand up and continue the obstacle course. Photo: Channel 7.

'My god'

Viewers took to Twitter to share their concern for Jana — who recently announced she was pregnant with twins — and remark on the recruits' harsh treatment on the program.

"I hate to get all medical but please let Jana lie down," wrote one fan.

"She’s literally collapsed and the DS are yelling for Jana to get up. My god," remarked another.

"Jana does look pale. Go the IV," added a third.

Others urged the DS staff to provide the final five recruits — Jana, Sam Burgess, Dan Ewing, John Steffensen and Mark Philippoussis — with more food.

"Give the recruits more food, for heavens sake, geez how can you expect them to keep going at that high level of expending energy without the intake. It's gruelling and not good to see," one wrote.

"That’s the point, though," pointed out another viewer. "IRL, they get rations, lol."

SAS Australia star Jana Pittman receives medical attention after collapsing in episode 12. Photo: Channel 7.
Jana received medical attention after feeling "super dizzy" and seeing spots. Photo: Channel 7.

Jana's triumph

Jana's collapse came after she made SAS selection history earlier in the episode by becoming the first female ever to successfully complete the Ladder Troop Extraction.

The terrifying task involved the stars diving into the water then hauling themselves up a 15 ladder to a chopper hovering above. So impressed with her efforts, Ant pulled Jana into a quick hug afterward.

Fans were on the edge of their seats watching Jana and celebrated her success on Twitter.

"I was screaming at the tv for her to get up that ladder, bow down to the lioness," wrote one viewer.

"Great achievement she is already a winner in my eyes," said another.

"Love how her fellow members congratulated her & the SAS DS guys got around her & Ant giving her a hug," added a third.

The recruits were then forced to write death letters to their loved ones before tackling the two-kilometre obstacle course. Then, thinking they were on their way safely back to camp, the group was 'kidnapped' by armed hostiles.

SAS Australia Final week continues Tuesday-Wednesday 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus

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