The SAS Australia star Candice Warner says 'won't be there at the end'

If anyone is going to know how brutal the series of psychological and physical tests 18 new celebrities are about to face on SAS Australia are, it's one of last year's participants Candice Warner.

The former Iron woman and mum of three made it a fair way into the challenge, and says she is "really intrigued" to see how this latest group goes on the show, which kicks off on Channel 7 on Monday.

sas star candice warner
Candice Warner is looking forward to see the next group of stars take on the SAS challenge. Photo: Channel 7

During her time on the show, Candice jumped from a helicopter, waded through ice-cold water, and even survived an intense interrogation, before instructors decided to boot her from the show in a shock twist, much to her fans' dismay at the time.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle ahead of the new season, Candice says she is particularly looking forward to seeing Dual Olympian Jana Pittman and Tennis star Mark Philippoussis.

"I'm really intrigued to see how some of them go, I think Jana Pittman is going to be super strong," she tells us.

"You know I'd love to see how Mark Philippoussis goes. I think, you know, so many people have always written him off, but he's always been able to dig deep when it counts. So I think knowing what it takes to do the show, I think he's got that inner strength to go really far."


She also says anyone who has overcome something difficult in their life - like an injury - "can draw upon that, when times get tough to do really well".

candice warner on sas australia
Candice Warner knows how brutal SAS Australia can be. Photo: Channel 7

It does seem Mark Philippoussis could indeed make it a fair way into the show, after the sporting legend recently showed the toll the gruelling challenge took on his body.

The 44-year-old took to Instagram earlier this year to share a photo of the "aftermath" of his time on the reality TV show, showing how much leaner his body was.

On the other hand, Candice doesn't expect surprise inclusion socialite Brynne Edelsten, who shot to fame after marrying medical businessman and millionaire Geoffery Edelsten in 2009, to make it to the end.

SAS australia 2021 celebrities
The 18 new stars on SAS Australia 2021. Photo: Channel 7

"Brynne Edelsten is incredible for putting her hand up and giving it a go," she says of the 38-year-old reality TV regular.

"And I think that she will surprise a few people but I don't know if she'll be there towards the end.

"I just don't know if she's got that physical stamina to be there to the end, mentally she probably is very tough, but physically, I just don't know if she will have it."

After launching the new show last year, ex-special forces soldiers Ant Middleton, Mark “Billy” Billingham, Jason “Foxy” Fox and Ollie Ollerton are back to put the new star recruits through their paces to see who has the mental metal to see get through to the end.

After the eight seasons of the show in the UK and the first season in Australia, only 13 recruits have passed selection.

This year contestants entered a secluded location in the Blue Mountains, where the base as always is modelled to represent military barracks. The celebrities must leave all creature comforts and personal items behind and are only allowed to enter with the clothes they are wearing at the time.

On their arrival, the recruits are all issued their kit (clothing and boots) and a Bergen, which means 'house on your back'. They also have to leave their sense of identity behind as they are issued a number on entry and are only referred to by that number for the rest of their time on the show.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle following her exit from SAS Australia last year, Candice said the support she received while on the show was "overwhelming", especially after her shock exit.

"I’ve had so much great feedback... people were truly devastated for me, because they could see how hard I was working and how much it meant to me and everyone was cheering me on," she said.

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