SAS Australia fans slam show's finale: 'Ripped off!'

SAS Australia fans were left disappointed by the show's finale, which saw Sam Burgess as the only person to pass the course.

Many fans were upset over the fact Jana Pittman was axed from the course despite the fact she completed the second-last challenge and could have easily completed the final task.

Jana Pittman on SAS Australia
SAS Australia fans have slammed the show's finale, saying they were 'ripped off' after Jana Pittman didn't make it through to the final challenge. Photo: Seven

Jana was dismissed at the final hurdle after the recruits were tasked with recovering a cache in an active war zone.

"We are all super proud of you and we would have loved to have brought you forward, but your reserve is empty," Ant Middleton said to Jana.


"Naturally I’m disappointed but I gave everything I had and I’ve learnt so much on the course, it’s been an extraordinary journey," said Jana. "I was the last woman standing for a while. I’m really proud of all the things I achieved."

Fans took to social media to slam the show with one user writing, "Shattered Jana didn't make the final round you've got bigger nuts than most of them, hold your head up high, ripped off!!!!!"

SAS Australia final four
Only Sam Burgess managed to pass the course. Photo: Seven

"Jana, you made this season’s SAS Aus even better. Bravo," another added.

"Hold your head high woman, you were an absolute champion!" a third wrote.

"It should have been Jana. Just as strong and more intelligent and focused," someone else said.

"Jana who was ten times more intelligent and just as capable. It was disappointing that she was let go," one fan shared.

"Just switched off #SASAustralia after they kicked off Jana and let The Poo stay in. Please," an angry Twitter user wrote.

"What a croc of s**t all that was left was to hang by a rope Jana had the right to at least try it she earned that (sic)," another said.

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Photo: Twitter

"I feel really upset Jana didn’t get through #SASAustralia can’t imagine how gutted she must have felt," someone else added.

"Think I might go to bed now that Jana is gone," a disappointed user wrote.

"What a joke. Jana should have been the one to make it through - not Mark. But it's always been Sam Burgess for the win," yet another angry user added.

Some even compared Jana's loss to Shannon Noll not winning the first season of Australian Idol after losing to Guy Sebastian.

Many others said even though she didn't win, Jana was the star of the show.

"Jana you were my hero and such an inspiration, honestly whenever I think life is tough I will wonder what Jana will do and push through," one fan shared.

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