SAS Australia fans shocked as contestants forced to strip: 'Intense!'

SAS Australia fans were shocked on Monday night when the contestants of the show were told to strip down to their underwear 20 minutes into the show, before going completely nude in front of each other.

The celebrity recruits had been hit with tear gas in their first exercise and were quickly ordered to take off their uniforms.

SAS Australia celebrity recruits
SAS Australia fans were left shocked when the contestants were forced to strip in front of each other just 20 minutes into episode one. Photo: Seven

"Everything that we tell you to do, do it... because most of you have showed us how undisciplined you are," Ant Middleton, head of the Directing Staff told them.

"I'm on you, I'm watching you to see if your tiny little brains can take on the smallest bits of information."


"When I say go, you will strip down to your underwear, put your trainers back on and stand exactly how you are," he added.

Viewers were shocked at what they were seeing so soon after the show began with one person Tweeting, "OMG! They have them stripping now. God."

Brynne Edelsten SAS Australia
Some viewers were confused about why Brynne Edelsten didn't wear a sports bra. Photo: Seven
SAS Australia stars in their underwear
"This show has turned haha," one user joked. Photo: Seven

"Stripping down to my underwear on national telly would be enough for me. Seeya!" another added.

"Ladies, how about practical underwear," one user wrote.

"This show has turned haha," someone else jokingly added.

Brynne Edelsten was seen wearing a regular brown bra with some wondering why she hadn't thought to wear a sports bra.

"They all have wedgies," another bemused viewer wrote.

"I’m so stressed out now after watching that. I’m going to need some Enya," one person joked.

SAS Australia stars take off their clothes
The recruits then had to strip completely in front of each other. Photo: Seven

"OMFG that was intense," someone else added.

Former SAS Australia star Candice Warner confessed to Yahoo Lifestyle she didn't expect Brynne to last long on the show.

"Brynne Edelsten is incredible for putting her hand up and giving it a go," she says of the 38-year-old reality TV regular.

"And I think that she will surprise a few people but I don't know if she'll be there towards the end.

"I just don't know if she's got that physical stamina to be there to the end, mentally she probably is very tough, but physically, I just don't know if she will have it."

Brynne ended up leaving the show after just six hours, blaming a knee injury.

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