SAS Australia instructor spills on cheating scandal: 'We're watching'

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SAS Australia's Ant Middleton has confirmed there is a cheating scandal that unfolds in the upcoming season of the show. 

The show kicks off Monday night on Seven with 18 celebrity recruits signing up for the incredibly tough tests from the SAS selection process.

SAS Australia's Ant Middleton
SAS Australia's Ant Middleton has revealed there is a cheating scandal in the upcoming season with shocking repercussions. Photo: Seven

Speaking with, Ant revealed the cheating "doesn't go unnoticed" when it all unfolds, "We’re watching every single move. I watch them like a hawk when they don’t even realise it. We asked them to do a certain activity and there is some cheating and it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. 

"We won’t make you suffer (if we catch you cheating) – we’ll make the others suffer and hopefully they’ll be the one that will slowly get a grip of you and tell you to buck up or quit the course."


The 40-year-old also confirmed that the person who is caught cheating refuses to actually admit what they did.

The new season of the show is even more intense than last year's with Ant saying, "We definitely upped the ante this year because we want to keep them guessing."

Ant Middleton
Ant Middleton reveals the upcoming season is more intense than the last. Photo: Seven

Ant, who served in the military from 1998 to 2012, told TV WEEK that he believes it’s his job to make the military-training series as realistic as possible for the celebrities.

"I have sworn to uphold the highest standards in order to give the recruits the most authentic experience," he said.

The former camp soldier went on to say that he tries to maintain a strong work ethic in all aspects of his life, including with his five children aged between four and 19.

“Professional at work, a professional father, a professional husband,” he detailed.

SAS' Directing Staff
Ant with the rest of the DS (Directing Staff) Mark 'Billy' Billingham, Ollie Ollerton and Jason 'Foxy' Fox. Photo: Seven

“I could say, ‘I’ve been at work all day – leave me alone’, which, unfortunately, most parents do. But to me, this is where your work starts. I have bad days, of course, but I have a mindset where everything I've chosen to do I give 110 per cent.”

He also revealed he is actually considering moving to Australia full time as he feels "more at home" here.

"I love the Aussies and their way of thinking," he admitted.

"I wouldn't be surprised if we moved out here with the family next year. My wife always wants to come to Australia, I've got a brother here. For the children, it's great."

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