Sam Frost’s call-out to ex-Bachelor Blake Garvey: ‘Is he still alive?’

For fans of The Bachelor, it feels like decades have gone by since Blake Garvey proposed to Sam Frost in South Africa, only to announce their split the day after the finale aired.

Well, that’s exactly how Sam feels as well.

Blake Garvey and Sam Frost.
Sam asked if her former Bachelor Blake was still alive because she hasn't heard anything about him in years. Photo: Channel 10

Speaking on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa, the former reality TV star made a call-out to her ex-fiancé Blake live on-air.

“Is he still alive? Does anyone know?” she asked.


Sam went on to reveal that she hasn’t heard from Blake since their split in 2014, but wonders if he ever thinks about her.

“I wonder if he watches Home and Away and he’s like, ‘Oh yeah that girl, I remember her’,” she remarked.

When questioned about a moment from her time on the reality show that she wishes she could take back, the 32-year-old replied: “Probably the whole series.”

“The finale of The Bachelor,” she elaborated. “Maybe that whole thing, I might just rewind and do that again.”

While Sam isn’t dating anyone at the moment, she jokingly suggested a reunion with her old flame, saying: “Oi Blake, where are you?”

Sam Frost smiling.
Sam wonders if Blake has ever seen her on Home and Away. Photo: Instagram/fro01

Sam’s comments about her time on reality TV came shortly after she revealed that she hasn’t yet tuned in to watch the latest season of The Bachelor.

“Do you know what? I haven’t watched it for years,” she confessed.

Fitzy and Wippa then played an audio clip of current contestant Sierah Swepstone, who divulged in episode one that she was “busting for a fart” while meeting Bachelor Jimmy.

“I really appreciate the honesty,” Sam laughed. “‘Cos a lot of people would be thinking it but no one would say it.”

The former Bachelorette then listened to a second contestant’s honest confession on the reality show, where she said: “Without love, life is just a series of eating and sh*tting every day”.

“Where do they find these people?!” Sam said.

“I can just imagine the producers, they would just be really egging it on, being like ‘Yeah and what else?’

“You can see it in their eyes when you’ve said something and they go, ‘This is brilliant’. They would absolutely love it. And you’re like, I can’t take that back now, that’s on camera and I bet they’re going to use it.”

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