Sam Armytage's awkward Farmer Wants a Wife moment

Samantha Armytage had a rather awkward moment on Farmer Wants a Wife on Monday night while attempting to make conversation with the male contestants vying for Farmer Paige’s affections.

The former Sunrise host, who has joined this year’s season of the dating show as a special guest wingwoman, tried her best to get the group of men to open up about how their speed dates went.

Farmer Wants A Wife’s Samantha Armytage talking to the group of men.
Farmer Wants A Wife’s guest host Samantha Armytage tried her best to make conversation with the male contestants but was met with nothing. Photos: Channel Seven

“Hello, gentleman! You all look relaxed, how are you all feeling?” she asked.

The men all sheepishly looked at one another while mumbling a combination of words like ‘good’ and ‘nervous’.

“What were your first impressions of her?” Sam tried again, and there was a beat of awkward silence before one man eventually replied, “She’s great, ay”.

“She’s very laidback,” he continued, while another spoke over him and said, “She’s genuine, she’s laidback”.


“She’s gorgeous, and quite tall,” Sam added as the men nodded and mumbled in agreement.

A different man then chimed in, telling the TV star: “We've definitely noticed Paige has got a (particular) taste, though, because we’ve worked out we’re all very similar, so it’s a consistent taste.”

“Do you think?” Sam asked curiously. “I can’t see that. I think you’re all very different.”

The men were later invited to a group dinner with Paige where she was tasked with selecting five of them to take back to her farmhouse, however, she only chose to invite four people.

‘Very lucky’

The awkward moment comes shortly after Sam and her husband Richard Lavender, who are a rather private couple, spoke openly about their relationship during Sunday’s premiere.

“The moment I first saw Sammy, I thought, ‘There's my girl’,” Richard shared.

“We were very lucky, weren't we, to ever find each other?” Sam added.

Sam also discussed her move to the country after quitting Sunrise and leaving the city, and strongly recommended the change of scenery.

“In my experience, it's really nice when you move to the country, which I did last year for love,” she continued.

“You've really got to be a team with a farmer. Like, it's more than just an average job in the city – it's a lifestyle.”

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