Hilarious X-rated cake fail goes viral: 'It's not just me, right?'

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A cake is going viral online for all the wrong reasons, after Facebook users were left in stitches of laughter over how much it resembles a vagina.

Posted in a Facebook group, it wasn’t long before people descended into the comments section, comparing the two-tiered delight to the female genitalia.

Vagina cake
This cake is going viral online for all the wrong reasons. Photo: Facebook

Adorned with a ‘50 & Fabulous’ cake topper, the creation features a quilted first tier, with mini pearl-like adornments. However, it’s the base tier that has caused the commotion online, with people losing it over the ruffled pink icing.

“Ummmmmm…. It’s not just me, right?”, the poster of the photo captioned the snap, with people immediately responding, ensuring her that she was most certainly not alone in her thoughts.

“This is what happens when you ask for a pink fortune cookie cake,” one person wrote, with a commenter responding saying: “So we can start calling that our ‘fortune cookie’?”

One person simply commented saying: “Labiacake”, while another wrote: “OMG I’m totally posting this in my labor and delivery nurses group, it’s not just you LMAO.”

“Any other colour would have been okay. But this….yeah I see it,” another wrote.


Aldi blow job stool
It comes just after this 'blow job stool' from Aldi went viral. Photo: Supplied

It comes just a few days after an image of an eyebrow-raising Aldi Special Buy left the internet gobsmacked on Wednesday after it appeared to sport a very naughty name.

A snap of a foot stool for sale in an Aldi Special Buy aisle went viral after onlookers spotted its very unusual name – the ‘blow job stool’.

The outrageous item initially prompted no response from Aldi, allowing the internet’s imagination to run wild, though the supermarket is now saying the image is a fake.

In disappointing news for thousands clamouring to get their hands on their very own stools, Aldi says there is no such item stocked in any of its international stores and says the image has been photoshopped.

Originally shared to a fan Facebook page, the original poster insists the photo was sent to them by a family member living in Spain.

With extra reporting by Penny Burfitt

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