'So inappropriate': Wedding guest's 'vagina dress' lampooned online

Gillian Wolski
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What to wear to a friend’s wedding is the top concern of many a guest. There are a few standard no-nos, such as avoiding white, not upstaging the bride or opting for something against the dress code.

And while there isn’t an explicit rule against dressing like, well... the female anatomy, there may be cause to invoke one after a wedding invitee was spotted in what many online are labelling a ‘vagina dress’.

In the photo that has been shared in a Facebook group, a number of guests are seen posing together, one of whom appears to be the bride due to her white frock.

Wedding guest's 'vagina dress' lampooned online. Photo: Facebook.

To the left of the photo is the woman in question, and it’s her mauve, floor-length dress that’s sparked all the commentary, with the drapey, cowl neck prompting many to compare it to, ahem... a vagina.

“It’s like a front vagina,” exclaimed one Facebook user, while another said, “A dusty rose vagina dress!”, and a third savagely commented, “Whoever in the pink vagina dress isn’t allowed to go to another wedding like ever!”

Others still were totally behind the woman’s attire, with one saying, “Hey she looks good in it”.

“Why? It's beautiful,” said another, and someone else pointed out, “ITT: haters who think dressing sexy is shameworthy.”

Wedding guest's 'vagina dress' lampooned online. Photo: Facebook.

The vagina-dress trend

Fleshy shades of pink have become a dangerous choice in recent years, with people rushing in to compare ruffles and folds to women’s private parts.

Hollywood actress Emily Blunt copped it in January this year when she wore pink to the SAG awards, while Australia’s Sylvia Jeffreys had the same comments levelled at her 2017 Logies dress.

Even Sunrise star Edwina Bartholomew got accused of wearing a vagina dress in 2016 and that design wasn’t even pink!

Emily Blunt (left) and Sylvia Jeffreys (right) have both had their red carpet dresses described as part of the female anatomy. Photo: Getty

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